Cobra King Black Wedges Revealed - A new DBM finish increases durability while addition of Cobra Connect allows golfers to track their wedge performance

Cobra King Black Wedges Revealed

Cobra has introduced its new King Black and King Black One Length Wedges, which both feature a sleek Dimonized Black Metal (DBM) finish for added durability. They also incorporate Cobra’s patented Progressive Spin Technology, delivering a blend of versatility and precision around the greens.

The King Black Wedges utilise an 8620 Carbon Steel construction and DBM finish results in a premium black satin look that diffuses light and lasts longer than any other black finish.


This is the same finish used on Rickie Fowler’s Tour irons for the past few years. The King Black Wedges will also feature Cobra Connect technology, working in conjunction with the Arccos 360 mobile application, to provide golfers with detailed stats and data that helps them dial in their wedge game, track their performance and improve their scoring faster.

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The new King Black Wedge face is manufactured using COBRA’s cutting-edge, patented CNC milling process that allows each groove to be shaped with maximum precision, resulting in more accuracy, and highly-consistent spin performance.

The wedge utilizes COBRA’s patented Progressive Spin Technology to provide tailored spin performance for each wedge loft. Progressive groove constructions feature wider, shallower grooves on weaker lofted wedges (56, 58, 60) and narrow, tighter spaced grooves on stronger lofted wedges (50, 52, 54) for optimised spin and trajectory for various shots executions around the green.


Each wedge face is also CNC milled to deliver optimised Variable Face Roughness (VFR), which allows Cobra engineers to maximise both RA (average roughness) and RY (max peak-to-peak depth) to the USGA limit, delivering more control and precision on finesse shots.

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The King Black Wedge is available in Cobra’s three sole grinds – Versatile, Classic and WideLow – allowing golfers the ability to choose the perfect wedge for their game and for any turf condition.

The King Black One Wedge is designed to compliment the One Length iron and hybrid offerings, delivering ultimate consistency and simplicity that allows golfers to utilise one setup and one swing.

To achieve optimum performance at 7-iron length and swing weight, the KING Black ONE Wedge features a 1o flatter lie angle than the standard, variable length wedge to help produce straighter and more accurate trajectories on shorter approach shots in a one length set up.

The King Black and King Black One Length Wedges are available in RH or LH in lofts ranging from 50-60˚ from April 6th, 2018 with an RRP of £109 and with a True Temper S200 (Stiff) shaft as standard, which features a matte black Powder Coat finish.