The 2016 Motocaddy S Series electric trolleys showcase extra features and a new and improved look

The 2016 Motocaddy S Series electric trolleys have been unveiled.

The new designs showcase extra features and new and improved looks, while retaining the tried and tested engineering that has made Motocaddy such a popular brand.

2016 Motocaddy S1

The 2016 Motocaddy S1

For the new Motocaddy S1 (above), this facelift includes a new soft-touch ergonomic handle, low-profile quick release wheels, a streamlined battery tray, and the introduction of the QUIKFOLD mechanism.

These features add to the trolley’s nine speed settings, battery indicator, adjustable bag supports and EASILOCK bag connection system.

2016 Motocaddy S3 PRO

The new Motocaddy S3 PRO

The 2016 Motocaddy S Series electric trolley range also sees the S3 PRO (above) undergo an update, with a new user-friendly, hi-resolution full colour screen installed.

The re-designed screen displays functions such as the adjustable distance control that sends the trolley up to 60 yards down the fairway and its USB charging port that powers a smartphone or GPS device while you play.

It also displays a CartLock security pin code that locks the trolley, a clock and round and lost ball timers.

Finally, it displays a battery meter and three distance measurements covering your drives, round, and how far its travelled over its lifespan.

Motocaddy say the simplified layout of the new screen comes as a direct response to requests for the most used features to be made more accessible.

Improvements to the gadget-laden model also include a soft-touch ergonomic handle, low-profile quick release wheels and a streamlined battery tray.

These have all been added to the existing QUIKFOLD mechanism that helps the trolley assemble in less than five seconds.

Like the S1, the new-look S3 Pro is also compatible with the EASILOCK connection system that stops your bag twisting and falling off your trolley.

The two new 2016 Motocaddy S Series electric trolleys will join the Motocaddy S7 Remote, which was launched last year and then tested by GM’s Joel Tadman in the video below.

2016 Motocaddy S Series electric trolley prices

Motocaddy S1
Available from March 2016 in black and alpine, the improved Motocaddy S1 will cost £299.99 (lead-acid), £399.99 (lithium standard) and £449.99 (lithium extended).

Motocaddy S3 PRO
The new Motocaddy S3 Pro is available from March in black and alpine frames and comes with three battery options; lead-acid (£379.99), lithium standard (£479.99) and lithium extended (£529.99).

Motocaddy S7 REMOTE
The Motocaddy S7 Remote electric trolley is available now with a lithium standard battery for £799.99.