adidas Tour360 XT Shoes Unveiled

A new grip system on the outsole is said to provide more stability on uneven lies

adidas Tour360 XT Shoes Unveiled

adidas Tour360 XT Shoes Unveiled - a new grip system on the outsole is said to provide more stability on uneven lies

adidas Tour360 XT Shoes Unveiled

The new adidas Tour360 XT and Tour360 XT SL shoes gets their name from the X-shaped traction system on the outsole, providing multi-directional grip throughout the swing.

These X-shaped lugs provide more stability and can react with better traction through uneven lies due to their eight-sided touch points without sacrificing any comfort.


The Tour360 XT has a new TPU outsole with eight cleats down from 10 on the previous version to increase flexibility and comfort while decreasing weight.

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Adidas’ Boost cushioning now runs from heel to toe, with wider pieces in the heel and forefoot to improve both stability and comfort. A lower-profile look gives players a better feel with the ground.

Underneath the 3-Stripes in the Tour360 XT, adidas implemented the new forging technique by heating that portion of the upper to increase stability in the midfoot while also reducing overall weight of the shoe.

“We wanted to make the highest performing spikeless shoe in the industry,” Masun Denison, global footwear director, adidas Golf, told GM.

“We tested all shapes and configurations and found that the X-shape, along with a rubberized TPU outsole, provided unmatched grip, stability, flexibility and performance. The X-shape also increases ground contact and provides more comfort on all surfaces.”


The Tour360 XT SL is said to be comfortable, yet still provide the stability and traction needed for the golf swing. It has the same X-shaped lugs, which vary in height to allow some to go deeper into the ground to help increase overall traction.

It also features full-length Boost cushioning to enhance walking comfort and a new Insite sockliner, which features on both models, is said to help improve posture, stability and balance by cupping the heel.

The adidas Tour360 XT shoe comes in four colours - White with red, silver and navy; black. It has a waterproof warranty of two years, the Tour360 XT SL is one year. They go on sale from Feb 1st with an RRP of £159.95, the Tour360 XT SL £139.95.