The Titleist Vokey Spin Milled wedges. I’ll be honest, I was under no illusion when I grabbed the 60º one out the cupboard that the ‘spin’ I would generate would only result out of a clean contact. Thus, my short game would not spectacularly improve just because my bag had. Furthermore, I was really after the 60º version as I was becoming increasingly frustrated short-siding myself and not having a good flop shot at my disposal.

I’m not one for finding too many greens in regulation, but have begun breaking 80 recently, largely due to an improvement in my chipping around the greens. I can’t say this is all down to my new favourite wedge, but I have at last found a club I consistently use with confidence, and from all lies, when trying to get down in two.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the stop I can now generate, even from some really thick lies. Like all clubs, skill level will determine the outcome to the greatest degree, but the Vokey Spin Milled wedge has certainly played a part in my game improvement and given me more shots at my disposal.

I’ll continue to use my standard 56º Nike Victory Red wedge from further out, since I’ve found the Vokey a little too heavy from this range, but that’s merely a personal feel thing. This club is also a popular choice from the sand, generating good levels of spin. I wasn’t able to control that spin, but just talking about spin control makes me think I may have reached the next level…

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