The right golf clubs for me

A recently graduated five-handicapper, reveals the clubs he has and why they are good for his game. TaylorMade Super Steel irons, TaylorMade r7 driver, Ben Hogan Carnoustie wedges and Scotty Cameron Titleist Studio Design Newport 2 putter

TaylorMade r7 460 driver

Having just graduated from University with a student loan to pay, spending money on a new set of irons is not on the cards. I am more than happy, however, to stick with the trusty TaylorMade SuperSteel irons that have been in my bag for many years.

The SuperSteel irons were given to me six years ago on my 15th birthday and they continue to give me good results. At that stage I was playing to an 18 handicap and I am now playing off five, reaching the National Public Schools Final on the way.

Yes these clubs are out of date and probably won't give you as much feel or workability as the latest TaylorMade irons but I guarantee you that their solid cast cavity backs are extremely forgiving and at a very reasonable price for the mid to low handicapper.

I have also found that the graphite shafts in these irons have had a major impact on my distance. The shafts have enabled me to generate greater swing speed compared to my previous steel shafted clubs.

From the tee I use a TaylorMade R7 460 TP driver. I have used this club for a couple of years now and it is a very impressive piece of golfing technology. The movable weights in the back of the club help you to adjust the clubhead's centre of gravity, lie and loft of the club to suit your swing.

The 460 CC titanium head has straightened my drive with an average distance of 260 yards from the tee. The club is very useful in windy conditions when there is a premium on finding the centre of the fairway.

Similar to my irons, I use a stiff flex graphite shaft to help generate the speed into my downswing - longer drives mean shorter second shots after all.

When you hit the perfect drive down the middle of the fairway there is a premium on solid wedge play into the green for the second or third shot.

A couple of years ago I was given two Ben Hogan Carnoustie wedges from a relative of mine who sadly passed away and I continue to use them in his honour.

The 52 degree Ben Hogan Carnoustie wedge gives me fantastic feel from 70 yards in. I don't use a 60 degree wedge so the 56 degree wedge is used for the shots around the green.

The wedges are designed with a state-of-the-art precision milled face to provide incredible accuracy and its very own tungsten EDM face also helps to create the spin from the fairway or the sand. They are steel shaft and of regular flex. The black chrome finish to the bottom of the club adds to its impressive look.

On the greens, I use a Scotty Cameron Titleist Studio Design Newport 2 putter. The Studio Design putter has given me greater confidence over long distance putts as the putter blade hits the ball with a very solid contact. Long putts are all about feel so if you want to eliminate the dreaded 3-putt it is a worthwhile investment.

With the putter, I use a different grip to the rest of my clubs – a Titan Minus ION grip made of soft silicone rubber. I am not sure why, it is just something that helps me as I stand over the ball. The Titan Minus grip helps keep my wrist and hand movement still as I strike the ball.

When I speak to other golfers I find it amazing to find out how little they change their grips. Most professional players on tour change their grips frequently to give better consistency to their swing and for greater feel and comfort around the greens. A lack of grip can cause problems on the downswing – as you lose grip, the club is likely to turn over.

Always use clubs, shafts and grips that feel comfortable to you. It will reflect in your score.

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