Odyssey Teron White Hot XG putter

A review of the mallet Odyssey Teron White Hot XG putter in the hands of a mid-handicapper from the Golf Monthly Office

Odyssey Teron White Hot XG putter

I have always had a very basic looking putter in the bag and have never really looked at any of the newer shapes and technology on the market.

However with my short putting regularly letting me down I decided it was a time for change. So I picked out this mallet putter which has a very distinct and modern look with clear alignment aids and high-density perimeter wings, which  should really help the putter face stay square and help me put those tricky, nervy short putts away.

On the practice green when I first took it out I holed 9 out of my first 10 putts, and got a little excited. It really gave me confidence.

On the course short putts were being holed, as I felt that as long as I lined them up correctly then I could make a good enough stroke to hole out.

I did find longer putts harder to hit with a slight lack of feel, but this is something that should go with a little more time out on the course and on the practice greens.

All in all this is one of my favourite clubs in my bag at the moment, not only to look at but to use as well.


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Thomas Patrick Clarke
Sports Digital Editor

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