Nike Golf has introduced the ONE RZN golf ball, bringing RZN Tour Performance Technology to the amateur game.

ONE RZN utilises a slight variant of the RZN core found in the Nike 20XI tour ball, creating revolutionary distance for players of all abilities.

RZN – which replaces conventional rubber cores with a revolutionary new material – is a highly neutralised polymer engineered to produce longer distance and more controlled shots.

The technology ensures more distance from the tee, a straighter ball flight and increased control around the greens.

The enhancements made to pre-existing RZN technology include an increased core size and added RZN mantel, which facilitates longer iron shots whilst providing a softer short game feel.

“With ONE RZN, we are able to bring revolutionary advances in golf balls to a wider range of athletes,” said Rock Ishii, Nike Golf‘s Product Development Director for golf balls.

“There’s not a product out there in this category of golf ball that has technology of this magnitude.”

ONE RZN will be available in two models; the ONE RZN and the ONE RZN X – designed for a player with a fast head speed or steep angle of attack into the ball.

Both versions of the ONE RZN will be available around the world from February 1, 2013.