Get to know the talented American professional a little better with these facts.

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Scottie Scheffler

American Scottie Scheffler has had a meteoric rise up the world golf rankings and yet despite this, he is still relatively unknown around the world. Here we have tried to rectify that somewhat with 21 facts on him you didn’t already know.

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Scottie Scheffler

1. Scottie’s hometown is Dallas, Texas and he went to Arlington Elementary School.

2. As a youngster he played a lot of pick-up basketball but golf was the sport he loved the most. He does still try and play pick-up basketball today though.

3. He is very afraid of heights.

4. His lucky number is 13.

5. He thinks Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete ever, but his favourite athlete growing up was New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter.

6. To go along with basketball, he also likes to play table-tennis a lot too. Scheffler says Doug Ghim is a really good player as is Bryson DeChambeau, who he partnered with to win a point at the 2021 Ryder Cup.

7. Southern Hills is his favourite golf course.

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Southern Hills is his favourite golf course (Getty Images)

8. One of his favourite TV shows is The Office (US) and he says it is tough to beat Dwight Schrute as a character.

9. He has a very mix and match golf bag as he currently plays clubs from 6 different brands.

10. He always uses the same coin when he plays. It is a bicentennial quarter commemorating American independence in 1776.

11. His favourite club in the bag is his 60 degree wedge. It is made by a company called Artisan.

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12. The restaurant he goes to the most in the US is Chipotle.

13. He prefers dogs over cats.

14. His middle name is Alexander.

15. He has had five hole-in-ones.

16. His favourite candy is Reese’s, a brand famous for mixing peanut butter with chocolate.

17. Scheffler is a Christian and he prays often.

18. His favourite type of fruit is pineapple.

19. The one food he will not eat is kale.

20. His shoe size is 11.5.

21. Scheffler shot the 11th 59 in PGA Tour history in 2020 during the second round of The Northern Trust at TPC Boston.

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