Here are 12 fact you didn't already know about the iconic golf equipment manufacturer.

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Ping

How well do you know one of the most recognisable brands in golf?

If not don’t fret as we’ve got you covered with these 12 things you didn’t know about Ping…

1. The story of Ping began in 1959 in Karsten and Louise Solheim’s garage in Redwood City, California where he looked to design the perfect putter.

2. Karsten was a Norwegian-born engineer.

3. He created the iconic Anser putter, the design of which came to him in a flash. He sketched the design on a dust jacket of a 78 rpm record. It was finalised in 1966.

4. The name ‘Anser’ was thought of by his wife Louise. Originally she suggested ‘Answer’ as it was designed to be the answer to the problem of putting. Then because the word wouldn’t fit on the putter when engraved, she suggested taking the ‘w’ out and a legend was born.

5. Ping’s first PGA Tour victory came at the 1962 Cajun Classic Open Invitational won by John Barnum and the first Major victory came at the 1969 Masters tournament won by George Archer.

6. Solheim originally worked for General Electric but left the role in 1966 to focus on Ping.

7. The logo is usually the word ‘Ping’ but there has been another, the ‘Ping Man’. Solheim created him by bending a piece of wire.

8. The company name ‘Ping’ was named because of the sound the ball made when it hit the metal face.

9. The company has a gold putter vault to commemorate a golfer’s victory using a Ping putter. The tradition began in the 1970’s and each winner is presented with a gold putter that matches their putter specs. Severiano Ballesteros has the most clubs in there in terms of wins, whereas Lee Westwood has the most clubs overall.

10. During the 1980’s, the USGA changed the rules regarding grooves and deemed that Ping’s irons violated those after he rounded off the edges of his U-shaped grooves. Solheim sued and the case was settled in 1993.

11. Solheim was elected into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001 and the Solheim Cup was named after him because he was a driving force behind its creation.

12. The brand today is based in Phoenix, Arizona and the Chairman and CEO is John A. Solheim, Karsten and Louise’s youngest son.

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