Shot Scope: What Distance Measuring Device Should I Choose?

A guide to getting the right Distance Measuring Device for your game

Shot Scope
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In this piece we give you the information you need to choose the right distance measuring device for your game.

Shot Scope: What Distance Measuring Device Should I Choose?

The great amateur Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is a game played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”

To succeed on course, it’s crucial you think clearly and make the right decisions.

To make those decisions quickly and often in testing circumstances, you need clear and accurate information at your disposal.

The right distance measuring device will give you exactly that: The data you need to improve your course management and score lower.

If you’re in the market for a distance measuring device there are a number of things you should consider, making sure you get exactly the right product for your needs.

Laser Rangefinder or GPS Technology?

Firstly, do you want exact yardages to the pin or other on-course features or multi-functional GPS technology?

If the former, then the Shot Scope PRO L1 Laser Rangefinder could be just the ticket.

The ultra-accurate Shot Scope PRO L1 Laser Rangefinder is extremely lightweight yet impressively robust. Its shape fits perfectly in the hand and the textured surfaces at the top and bottom ensure you can maintain a solid hold.

Shot Scope

Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser Rangefinder

It has two different main modes, the first (M1) being a scanning mode that displays distances almost instantly and constantly, allowing you to scan the horizon and pick out various points of interest.

The second mode (M2) is where the flag icon in the display appears and homes in on the stick or another target.

When it’s detected, a vibration provides the assurance you need that the distance is correct. Distances to the nearest 0.1 of a yard provide an extra layer of accuracy.

Wearable GPS Technology

If you’re looking for multiple pieces of data – front, middle and back yardages plus lay-up or carry yardages for bunkers or hazards, you should look at the Shot Scope V3 and G3 GPS watches.

First thing to say about the Shot Scope V3 and G3 GPS watches is how sleek and attractive the new design is. They look great on the wrist, they’re slim, just 10mm, lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

The tacky rubber strap really stays in position when walking and swinging a club so once it’s on, you really don’t notice you’re wearing them.

G3 provides highly accurate yardages to greens and hazards, available in yards or metres, allowing you to come up with a strategy for the hole. For complete convenience, G3 comes preloaded with over 36,000 courses worldwide.

Performance Tracking

V3 has the same features with added performance tracking.

In GPS + Performance Tracking mode, the Shot Scope V3 will automatically detect shot locations during a round using tags placed in the tops of your grips.

With the PinCollect feature, golfers can input the pin position with the touch of a button when retrieving their ball from the hole to provide enhanced approach and short-game statistics.

You then have access to over 100 statistics to analyse your play. These are broken down into five categories covering things like average distances with each club, accuracy off the tee, scrambling prowess and success rate from different lengths of putt.

There are also interactive features, like Medals for certain achievements and Leaderboards, where you can see how you compare with other Shot Scope users of a similar standard.

Is it legal?

Something important to bear in mind when selecting your distance measuring device is whether you intend to use if for competition and, if so, is the device legal?

Shot Scope V3 and G3 GPS watches are always legal for competition under R&A Rules.

The PRO L1 Laser has slope measurement to give yardages uphill or downhill. This setting can easily be disabled during competition rounds with the flick of a switch, making it legal for competition use.

You should think about how regularly a GPS product will be updated so you’re always on point with any course changes that are made.

Shot Scope manages its own course mapping database, unlike some other manufacturers who use third parties, so you can trust that the courses are always bang up to date. This is augmented by Shot Scope’s 48-hour, user-initiated course update system.

Am I getting good value for money?

Finally, you should expect value for money from the distance measuring device you choose.

Shot Scope is a trusted brand, offering products packed with technology. There are no annual fees to pay and you get a 12-month warranty.

If you’re in the market for a new distance measuring device, Shot Scope has the solution.

For more information, visit the Shot Scope website.

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