With Halloween upon us, we have selected the 7 scariest shots in golf. From the next shot after a shank to an approach over water, this lot will leave you quaking in your boots!

The 7 Scariest Shots in Golf

1 Next shot after a shank

You reach the top of your backswing and then… What’s that?… Paranormal activity in the downswing causes a biblical hosel-rocket. You’re left searching for your ball and scratching your head. The feeling of utter disbelief will shortly be replaced by one of abject fear. ‘Maybe if I come more from the inside I’ll find the middle of the bat.’ Yeah… that’ll do it!

2 Chip off a tight lie

You’ve missed the green but not by much. Nothing to worry about there… Until you reach your ball and discover it sitting on a slab of turf with less grass on it than the M25. With fear in your eyes and panic in your heart, there’s only one option – the putter. But what about the bunker that’s in the way?… Just hit it hard!

3 5-footer to make the buffer

Anyone who has ever uttered the phrase ‘I’m not scared of anything’ has never faced a tricky short putt to make the buffer. This is as close as you and I will ever come to having a short putt to win the Ryder Cup. Hit it firm and straight? Dribble it in? Shut your eyes and hope? All good tactics…

4 Out of bounds down the right

White stakes to a golfer are like garlic to a vampire. What makes them worse is when they run down the right hand side of a long hole. Standing on the tee with driver in hand knowing that anything with a hint of left to right spin will be dead is truly frightening. New pants, please.

5 Opening tee shot

The starter has announced your name, the gaggle of players currently on the practice putting green have stopped what they’re doing, the people in the clubhouse have put their coffees down and silence descends. You’re up and your prowess as a golfer is about to receive a series of snap judgements. Amateur-ville Horror.

6 40-yard bunker shot

This particular scenario has received the infamous moniker of ‘hardest shot in golf.’ Face it in competition (especially with out of bounds over the back) and your own version of The Shining will be running through your head. Knife it into the face, catch it fat, thin it over the back – they’re all on the cards.

7 Approach shot over water

Finally on our list of the 7 Scariest Shots in Golf – the approach over water. For many golfers the sight of water is like looking into the eyes of the grim reaper. With anything but the perfect strike receiving the ultimate punishment, now is the time to swing smoother than ever. Either that, or go on the attack like Freddie Kruger at a roller disco.

Tell us if we’ve left something out of our scariest shots in golf list…

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