We showcase the seven most annoying playing partners that golfers can have the misfortune of teeing it up with!


7 Most Annoying Playing Partners

Whether it’s the person who’s a stickler for the rules or seems to make time stand still with his deliberate pre-shot routine, we’re sure these golfers will be familiar to you.

So sit back and enjoy our sub-optimal acting as we run through the seven most annoying golf playing partners. Be sure to let us know if we’ve missed any!

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1. The Early Praiser

Perhaps this is a bit harsh given the early praiser is giving you and your golf game praise in the first place. But it is annoying when you receive a compliment and then proceed to duff it, or the person repetitively thinks you are holing putts when they have no chance. Top tip from Golf Monthly, if it is you who is talking early, then perhaps wait until the person has hit the shot or the ball has come to rest before giving praise!

2. Mr Angry

Playing with someone who erupts at the first sign of a poor shot or bad break guarantees a very long round in which you’re constantly on edge, and always on a self-preserving look-out for low-flying clubs.

3. Mr Oblivious

Whether on the tee or as you’re steadying yourself over a crucial four-footer, there they are, jangling away with keys, rattling their clubs, or even walking right across your line, usually absent-mindedly, but just occasionally on the gamesmanship trail.

Either way, it’s just as annoying, and hard to shut out once it’s got under your skin.

4. The Cheater

Arguably the worst partner to be playing with, the cheater is someone who goes against the very essence of the game and leaves you feeling awkward and tense throughout the round. We recommend just keeping an eye out and dealing with it in the easiest way possible which is usually a quick chat in private during or after the round.

5. The Amateur Coach

We have all played with someone who thinks they are Butch Harmon and with the best will in the world, even though their intentions are good, their swing tips and advice should be kept to themselves. During the round is never the time to give out, or receive advice because then it just muddles the swing up for the rest of the round. Also, perhaps the swing tips should be left to the local teaching professional? Just a thought.

6. The Rules Guy

“I think I overheard you saying to George to keep his chin up and keep trying after that last tee shot,” says the Rules pedant, another worthy inclusion in the list of annoying golf partners. “I believe that constitutes advice and therefore breaches Rule 8-1.”

Cue four hours of fun where you’re afraid to open your mouth and feel compelled to tread on eggshells anywhere near your ball.

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7. The Snail

We live in tortuous slow play times, but if you’re the one constantly trying to gee people along, it tends to be your game that suffers rather than theirs as you’re forever anxiously looking over your shoulder to see how badly the course is stacking up behind you.