We get to know Joe Greiner a little better here.

Who Is Max Homa’s Caddie?

One of the most popular players on Tour, Max Homa has had the same caddie on his bag for a while now because it is a friendship that has lasted for many, many years.

But who exactly is his bagman? Let’s take a look below.

Who Is Max Homa’s Caddie?

Max Homa currently has a man called Joe Greiner on the bag. The pair are close friends as they used to play golf together at Vista Valencia Golf Club in California. In fact Greiner has the course record at the club’s par-3 golf course which he reminds Homa about all the time.

We believe they met each other when Max was six-years-old and clearly their partnership works so well because they are such good friends.

Greiner previously worked with Homa in a brief stint in 2013 and then he worked with American Kevin Chappell for a while. In fact he only stopped because Chappell had to have back surgery, which meant Greiner went onto Homa’s bag in 2019. He has remained there ever since.

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Greiner is a very good player and at one point he had dreams of becoming a professional golfer himself. He played collegiate golf at College of the Canyons, a community college in Santa Clarita, California. Eventually he was invited to compete on the Professional Mini Tour, but took a break from it whilst he went back to get his degree. He still had aspirations of playing at the top though.

“I realised one day that I wanted to pursue this as a career and that this is something I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Greiner said to CougarNews.com.

“Everything in my life was golf. If I wasn’t playing it or practicing, I was thinking about it.”

He may not have become a professional golfer but he seems to have formed a great partnership with Max as the pair have won two big PGA Tour tournaments together.

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