Who Is Kevin Na's Caddie?

We get to know Kevin Na's longtime caddie in this piece.

Kevin Na's Caddie
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Who Is Kevin Na's Caddie?

A multiple-time winner on the PGA Tour, Kevin Na has had the odd struggle in his career but one consistent part of his team for a long time now is his caddie Kenny Harms. Below we explain how they met and started working together.

Who Is Kevin Na's Caddie?

Kevin Na and Kenny Harms have been working together for more than 11 years now.

Harms is a veteran of the caddie circuit, doing so for decades with players like Hubert Green, Raymond Floyd, Gary Player, Hale Irwin and Lee Trevino, as well as Aaron Baddeley, Michelle Wie, Jan Stephenson and Emilee Klein (Harms’ ex-wife who won the 1996 Women’s British Open with Harms caddying).

The partnership started through the word of mouth. Harms hung out with fellow caddie Steve Hulka a lot and Na, who needed a caddie for a week back in 2008, reached out to Hulka to ask if he knew of any caddies looking for a loop that week.

Harms with Michelle Wie

In an interview with The Caddie Network; “He said, ‘My friend from the Champions Tour, he caddies for Hale Irwin. He’s here hanging out this week,'” Na recalls Hulka telling him. “‘He’s here to see me. We’re catching up and he’s available if you want.’ I said, ‘Yeah, um, can you introduce me to Kenny?’ This guy worked for Hale Irwin.”

They met, and in the first tournament together, they finished in the top-10.

“The first week on the bag, we top 10’d,” Na said. “I think it was like a tie for eighth, I can’t remember (it was a T8). We played great. I was in contention, top-10 finish, which was huge for me that year. And I remember my father was there with me that week. He had some friends in Canada and he was there hanging out. And he says, ‘Kevin – you need to hire this guy.’”

Na, with some pushing form his father, and off the back of the good result, asked Harms if there was any chance he could caddie for him. Harms replied by saying that he would caddie for some of the weeks he had off with Irwin who was competing on the Champions Tour. This would go on for the rest of the 2008 season and they would see how it went.

Harms with Hale Irwin

“So, that year I think he caddied for me in five or six tournaments,” Na said to The Caddie Network. “I think it was six – throughout the rest of the year – in the open weeks that he had. And then at the end of the year I asked him, ‘Hey, do you think you can come work for me next year?’ He said, ‘We’ll talk.’”

“He negotiated pretty well,” Na said. “Some of the numbers I look back on now and I go, ‘Man, I should have negotiated better!’ But at the time, I was like, ‘Yeah. Sure, sure, sure.’ I didn’t know it was going to come back and bite me in the ass!”

The partnership definitely worked as they have won five times on the PGA Tour so far, including four in roughly two and a half years.

“I always joke that Kenny has caddied for three Hall of Famers – Hubert Green, Hale Irwin, Jan Stephenson,” Na said. “And then a chump, which is me. But I always say that I did make him the most money, for sure.”

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He also gained a car too. When Na won the 2019 Charles Schwab Challenge, he also won a 1973 Dodge Challenge, which he promptly gave to his caddie.

“From going to work for him full-time, he’s always treated me like part of the family,” Harms said. “And I’ve treated him like he’s part of my family. I would call it more of a brother-ship than a big-brother/little-brother, because we both are very strong-minded people. That’s one of the things that helps in the relationship that gives both of us confidence in one another.”

Some other little facts about Harms, is that his favourite course to caddie is any of the Open Championship venues, and favourite course to play is Cypress Point.

His greatest memory as a caddie so far is working for Hale Irwin in the Senior Skins Game, playing with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

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