Fergus Bisset met with Christian Nilsson and Mats Lundqvist from Galvin Green to talk about the brand, the Ryder Cup and their ongoing quest to produce the highest quality and best-performing golf clothing.

In this country we are blessed to have some of the world’s greatest golf courses but we are also blessed with some of the world’s most unpredictable weather. In four hours on the fairways it’s highly possible that we might experience all four seasons with sun, wind, rain and cold to contend with.

Golfers in the UK and Ireland need the right kit to be able to continue to enjoy the game throughout the year. Over the last two decades Galvin Green has become synonymous with performance wear that has revolutionised the golfing experience for countless players.

When I moved back to Aberdeenshire 11 years ago, I did so with a view to playing considerably more golf than I did when living in London. I quickly realised this would be possible, but I also quickly realised that I would need to upgrade my golfing attire. After one particular drenching at Murcar, my antiquated “waterproofs” were proved to be less than fit for purpose. On returning to the changing room I peeled off sopping jacket and trousers to reveal clothing underneath that was somehow even more soaked than my “rainwear” which, quite swiftly, found itself a new home in the locker room bin.

My playing partner laughed as he removed his outer layer. I was aghast to see his chinos and sweater were absolutely bone dry. “You’ve got to get some Galvins,” he said.

After a little further enquiry as to what he meant by this mythical term, sounding like something from Arthurian legend, I had procured myself a set of Galvin Green waterproofs within a week.

For serious golfers, Galvin Green represents a benchmark of performance. Their products will always deliver the highest levels of comfort and protection. I can think of numerous rounds I would have enjoyed considerably less/ would not have enjoyed at all, had it not been for Galvin Green performance wear. I would be pretty certain there are plenty of golfers in this country who could say the same thing.

Galvin Green was established back in 1990 by entrepreneur Tomas Nilsson. He saw an opportunity to make golf-specific clothing to meet the needs of golfers who want to play in changing weather conditions.

Galvin Green produces purely golf clothing and, over the years the company has been responsible for a number of innovations that have been game-changers in performance wear. They produced half-zip jackets, adjustable chest, neck and cuffs, stretch fabrics and streamlined jackets. They have worked with GORE-TEX and GORE WINDSTOPPER to produce garments that perform in the most extreme conditions. They have pioneered the concept of multi-layering for golf, encouraging golfers to dress from the inside out… Basically, they have been at the forefront of quality golf performance gear.

Galvin Green logo
This year Galvin Green became the Official Team Supplier of Weatherwear to Europe’s Ryder Cup Team at Hazeltine. Captain Darren Clarke, his Vice Captains, players and caddies will all wear revolutionary new rain suits and Windstopper garments. Galvin Green will also supply the European team at Paris in 2018. There will be more to come on these garments and the new technologies involved at the start of September.

Earlier this month I was very lucky to be able to meet the men behind the Galvin Green brand on a trip to Gleneagles. I had a chance to spend some time with the company’s founder Tomas Nilsson and then to sit down for a chat with Galvin Green’s Lead Designer Mats Lundqvist and CEO Christian Nilsson. Mats has been with Galvin Green since the company’s early days and Christian has been part of the team since 1999. I was struck by their passion for golf and for their products, their desire to continue to push the boundaries and innovate. These are golfers dedicated to making equipment for golfers. Their strapline is “we never compromise,” and it’s no throw-away statement!

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