Here are nine ideas to help you make the most of your golf even when the course is closed

9 Things To Do When The Golf Course Is Closed

It’s every golfer’s nightmare but with the climate that we have here in the UK, we regularly see our courses closed at times during the winter months.

Whether that be from rain, fog, snow or ice – it means that golfers have to think outside of the box and look elsewhere to enjoy their golf.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your golf even when the course is closed:

1) Play a local course

A lot of golf clubs have reciprocal rights so may be able to offer you a courtesy game at another local club when yours is closed. Playing a new or different course is a great way to test your game and it’s always nice to tick another course off your list. If the weather is extremely bad in your area, you may need to travel a bit further afield to have a game at a course which is open.

2) Go to the driving range

Things To Do When The Golf Course Is Closed

A great option is to go down the driving range to work on your swing. It’s difficult to work on your swing on the golf course, whereas the range is the perfect environment to try out new things and practice all sorts of different shots throughout the bag.

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3) Have a lesson

Always fancied having a lesson with your PGA Pro but didn’t want it to cut into your social golf? The course being closed gives you the perfect opportunity to iron out any flaws in your swing just in time for the start of the season.

4) Work on your short game

things to do when the golf course is closed

The course might be shut but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the practice ground will be. It gives you the chance to work on your putting stroke, chipping technique and even your sand play if your club has the facilities.

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5) Indulge in some retail therapy

Need a new driver or set of wedges? The course being closed gives you time to go into your pro shop or local golf shop and test out all the new gear to see what suits you best. What’s more you could even go for a custom fitting to fine-tune your clubs to your optimum spec.

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6) Clean your clubs

Show your clubs some love and clean them along with your grips, it’ll be worth it next time you go out to play and they’re all shiny and new-looking again!

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7) Plan a golf trip

Fancy planning a trip to that GM Top 100 course you’re desperate to play or looking to book a golfing holiday for you and your mates? Sit back, browse the net and make some phonecalls – there are some great deals to be had!

8) Crazy golf

Things To Do When The Golf Course Is Closed

Crazy golf can be fun and gives you the chance to socialise and enjoy a variant of the game in a casual atmosphere with friends and family. GM recommends Swingers in London.

9) Play a pitch and putt

things to do when the golf course is closed

Most pitch and putt courses will stay open through the winter and they give you a great chance to have some fun whilst dialling in your wedges.