How Much Has Lexi Thompson's Golf Fashion Changed Over The Years?

Lexi Thompson balances femininity with athletic and functional clothing. We take a look at how her golf fashion has changed over the years

Lexi Thompson
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Lexi Thompson has been a Puma ambassador since turning pro in 2010, and ensures she looks and feels her best on the course, providing valuable feedback to the brand to ensure maximum comfort, not only for herself but also for other female players. Here we take a look at how Lexi’s golf fashion has changed over the years.

Golf fashion naturally evolves with current trends, including colours, lengths, patterns, and styling, depending on what's in vogue each year. 

Interestingly, over nearly 15 years, Lexi's choice of colours and styles, as well as how she combines her outfits, hasn't changed drastically. Standing at 6ft, she has a striking presence in any outift and suits vibrant colours like orange, bright blue, purple. She's also not afraid to go for an all-over block colour including black or white. When you compare images from 2010 to the present day and everything in between, the one colour that stands out as a firm favourite is pink.

While she leaned more towards colour-coordinating patterns in her early years on tour, such as the blue/white combo at the 2011 Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, recent years have seen her regularly opt for a plain black or white skort paired with a stylish coloured top in performance-led fabrics.

Like Michelle Wie-West, Lexi has always been a fan of the racerback top, and nowadays, especially in warm conditions on the LPGA tour, she often plays wearing a sleeveless top

Skorts appear to have become her preferred option over shorts, and the longer length shorts she sported at the 2015 Evian Championship didn't seem to stick around for long in Lexi's fashion choices. By 2016, she had returned to shorter length shorts, beautifully showcasing her athletic and statuesque figure when paired with a figure-hugging top.


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