Golf Blog: The Wonderful World of Brandt Snedeker

Lewis Pacelli speaks about his favourite golfer, Brandt Snedeker in this golf blog

Brandt Snedeker

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I was begrudgingly forced to watch golf as a very young lad by my father, who kept reminding me that watching Sir Nick Faldo should be seen as an honour.

Obviously I never felt quite so strongly, but when Tiger Woods broke all sorts of records at Augusta in 1997 I was suddenly hooked on not only him but also the game.  

Yet as I've got older I have struggled to affiliate myself to one particular golfer quite as proudly as my father did for Faldo.

I felt ashamed to say I had no ‘favourite golfer'.

Woods himself was just too good and too dominant, Sergio Garcia was slightly too mental and Ian Poulter wore an Arsenal top at a tournament in Abu Dhabi which upset me (a Chelsea fan) a great deal.

Then in 2007 I witnessed a golfer who showed me all the hallmarks of a potential ‘Pacelli favourite'.

Brandt Snedeker waltzed through a delightful 61 at the Buick Invitational, displaying incredible iron play and quite astonishing putting abilities.

Ever since then it has been a pleasure to follow ‘Sneds' on his journey to the summit of world golf, culminating in a glorious FedEx Cup win last year, earning both of us some money in the process - admittedly he banked slightly more than me.

Watching him win the Canadian Open on Sunday re-affirmed why I can happily call him my favourite golfer.

He led from the front with intelligence and whilst 3 shots clear on the 17th, he was still agitated for not holing a birdie putt, still smiling, still having fun.

No one plays with such poise and elegance in as little time as Snedeker does.

To watch a high-level pro not dally around for an eternity is so refreshing (take a note Keegan Bradley) and to always do it with a smile only helps.  

Although I am upset that my attempts to copy his brisk and perfect putting stroke have come to no avail, I love the fact that Sneds can challenge anyone in the world whilst not being one of these mundane big-hitters that dominate the modern game.

He may not reach the same heights as Faldo and I may never be able to say to my children that it should be considered an honour to watch him, but what I can say is that I do have a favourite golfer.

Also, when you get a chance, put a picture of Jamie Donaldson and Brandt Snedeker next to each other and let your eyes will do the rest...

Lewis Pacelli writes for Down the 18th "Golf Betting and Opinions from a young perspective"

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Lewis was a freelance writer for Golf Monthly in 2013.