Golf Blog: Rose Aftermath

Lewis Pacelli gives his thoughts in this golf blog about the reaction to Justin Rose's US Open win

Justin Rose

Golf Blog: Rose Aftermath

Justin Rose winning at Merion brought to the world's attention that he is not only a natural talent, but also a true gentleman.

The look to the heavens after a sublime final 2 holes was poetic and for us English folk, justice for a deserved champion.

However, the week that has followed has given me a perplexed outlook on the furore of Rose's amazing win.  

It all started with his appearance on ‘The Letterman Show'. Generally, I enjoy watching the cringing moments in television, but this was simply unbearable.

The Englishman was less charismatic than Michael Owen and David Gower put together, let alone the comedic timing he evidently does not possess.  

I understand the reasons behind the CBS booking, but did Rose really need to succumb to those pressures and appear on a show that is essentially a platform for the not-so famous to promote themselves - and the famous to promote a product/film/book, whatever it may be.

Let's be honest, it wasn't for the fame. In the world of golf and sport, he is one of the most recognised people and it certainly wasn't for the money. He just pocketed $1,440,000 million.

Which makes me realise that the American audience are literally ‘jumping on the bandwagon' of this new ‘star', a Brit who outwitted their beloved Phil and had a ready-made Hollywood story in the waiting - the death of his father and the fact he missed 21 consecutive cuts after turning pro.

Yes, this is the clichéd, archetypal American hero, but please leave Rose alone.  

He will receive the plaudits and rightly so, it just shouldn't make him a celebrity guest on an out-of-date chat show.  

However, where my confusion on the week's events arose (no pun intended), was when he fulfilled his obligations to play at the Travelers Championship and the commentators and pundits rejoicing his honour and integrity.  

He did grace the occasion with style, receiving the well-earned applause on the 18th on Sunday, after failing to take advantage of the fact he was only 1 shot behind the lead at the turn.   Yet, are people forgetting that Webb Simpson played after his win last year? Finishing a respectable T29 after finding himself T5 after the first day, whilst Lucas Glover finished T11 the week following his 2009 victory.

I must iterate that this is not an attack against Rose and his wonderful achievement, but on the PR stunts on an unflappable character who does not transfer to the celebrity world with as much ease as a showman like the great Walter Hagen did.

All of this being said, I would love to see just one more long-winded speech and major TV appearance from Rose.

At the Sports Personality Of The Year Awards. Even with that ridiculous irony, why not?

Lewis Pacelli writes for Down the 18th "Golf Betting and Opinions from a young perspective"

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Lewis was a freelance writer for Golf Monthly in 2013.