TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs Titleist TSR3 Driver: Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Joel Tadman pits two of the most popular drivers out on tour against each other to see if one outperforms the other and which one is right for you

TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs Titleist TSR3 Driver
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This is the big one - TaylorMade versus Titleist, titanium versus carbon fibre, Rory McIlroy’s driver up against Justin Thomas’ driver. However you want to frame it, this is one of the most eagerly anticipated comparison tests of recent times and these two drivers will be among the top two contenders for the rest of the year among golfers looking to splash out on a new premium driver. But does one outperform the other?

Joel Tadman hit custom fitted set ups for both indoors on a premium launch monitor and then on the golf course at Peterborough Milton golf club to find out exactly that. So get comfortable, strap yourself in and enjoy. 

TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs Titleist TSR3 Driver: Watch Our Head-To-Head Verdict


The TaylorMade Stealth Plus and Titleist TSR3 have a very similar shape and size with the Stealth Plus arguably looking slightly more compact. It also looks a little more techy and cutting edge courtesy of the red face, which will divide opinion, and detailing on the crown.

While the red face doesn’t offend us, we’re leaning slightly towards the clean and classic look of the Titleist. It sets up perfectly behind the ball with zero distractions and just oozes class from every angle. That said, the Stealth Plus undoubtedly has more shelf appeal and is arguably easier to align because of how the red face contrasts with the black crown.

taylormade stealth plus and titleist TSR3 drivers at address

How the TaylorMade Stealth Plus (left) and Titleist TSR3 drivers set up behind the ball

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At impact the TSR3 has a more metallic sound at impact but is also a little quieter than the TaylorMade Stealth Plus, which as a lower pitched sound but is also a little louder. We marginally prefer the hitting sensation of the Stealth Plus - while both drivers feel sensational out of the middle, the Stealth Plus arguably feels hotter from a wider area.


Here's how the two drivers were set up for this test:

TaylorMade Stealth Plus: 9°, Aldila Rogue 110 MSI 60 stiff shaft

Titleist TSR3: 10°, C1 hosel setting, premium Tour AD Graphite Design UB 6 x-flex shaft

Indoors on the launch monitor, we swung the TaylorMade Stealth Plus nearly 2mph faster despite testing it at the end of a long session when we were tired. The jury’s out on whether this is down to the SIM (Shape in Motion) design but it was certainly faster through the swing for us. As a result, the Stealth Plus also produced faster ball speeds. Coupled with lower spin it produced six yards longer carries on average versus the TSR3.

taylormade stealth plus v titleist tsr3 driver data

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Out on the course, the performance became much closer. Hitting five shots with each driver down a tight hole, we hit our longest shot with the Stealth Plus but our longest drive with the TSR3 was only a yard behind and more of the shots we hit with TSR3 found the fairway. The mishits with the Stealth also didn’t travel quite as far and curved offline a little more.


The fact the moveable weight track is at the front of the head on the Stealth Plus versus the back of the head on the TSR3 may explain why the Stealth Plus created lower spin and was therefore longer but also a little more erratic, relatively speaking. Obviously there is the option of the Stealth driver, which offers a higher spin profile and more forgiveness, but the Stealth Plus is certainly aimed at good players that don’t miss the middle by too much, too often.

The TSR3 appears to be a more playable, mid-to-low launching and spinning driver and therefore has a slightly broader appeal. It can be configured to maximise distance but seems to produce a more stable ball flight and so might be the better option if your course rewards accuracy over distance. Even so, on good hits it just about kept up with the Stealth Plus. 

Which one should you choose?

Choose the TaylorMade Stealth Plus if…
- Lower spin would help you achieve more distance
- You have relatively good club face and path control
- You want more alignment assistance 

Choose the Titleist TSR3 if...
- You prefer a traditional looking driver
- You want good distance with control
- You need mid launch and spin 

Joel Tadman
Technical Editor

Joel has worked in the golf industry for over 12 years covering both instruction and more recently equipment. He now oversees all product content here at Golf Monthly, managing a team of talented and passionate writers and presenters in delivering the most thorough and accurate reviews, buying advice, comparisons and deals to help the reader find exactly what they are looking for. So whether it's the latest driver, irons, putter or laser rangefinder, Joel has his finger on the pulse keeping up to date with the latest releases in golf. He is also responsible for all content on irons and golf tech, including distance measuring devices and launch monitors.

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Joel's current What's In The Bag? 

Driver: Titleist TSR3, 9° 

Fairway wood: Titleist TSR3, 15° 

Hybrid: Titleist TSi2, 18° 

Irons: Ping i230 4-UW

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8, 54°. Titleist Vokey SM9 60° lob wedge, K Grind

Putter: Evnroll ER2V 

Ball: 2023 Titleist Pro V1x