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inesis 100 package set, Best Inesis 100 Package Set Deals
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A package set that has proven to be incredibly popular on our best golf club sets for beginners guide, the Inesis 100 Package Set is made up of seven golf clubs - a driver (14°), hybrid (22°), a six/seven iron, an eight/nine iron, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. 

All the clubs in the set also have light graphite shafts and the entire set retails in the UK at £169.99. The bag can also be brought for an extra £44.99.

For such a low price you might expect the performance and quality to be lacking but this wasn't the case when we tested them in 2020.

Starting with the driver we liked the matte-black finish of the head and the way it contrasts the silver face. There is plenty of loft to look down and the large size of the head (460cc) inspires confidence. Put simply we think it is a driver many could get on well with.

We also liked the look of the hybrid and the matte-grey finish of the irons too. 

The irons in particular framed the ball well and they do not look too chunky which is always a concern with beginner irons.

Additionally the feel of the irons was good because they felt buttery smooth through the golf ball.

The final club to talk about is the putter which is simple in its design but could definitely do with a head-cover.

On the whole when you combine everything together this Inesis 100 set does offer good value for money and if you are a beginner looking to get into the game, this set gives everything you need.

Inesis 100 Package Set | £169.99 at Decathlon (opens in new tab)

Inesis 100 Package Set | £169.99 at Decathlon (opens in new tab)

Get the complete set of clubs at Decathlon for only £169.99.

inesis 500 irons

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Inesis 500 Irons Deals

If you want to just focus on getting a new set of irons then Inesis also make the 500's. 

We tested these back in 2020 and they performed very well indeed.

The matte grey or satin finish looks absolutely superb and behind the ball the top-line thickness is pretty spot on, not being too thick or thin and there is a rather generous hitting area as well. There is a lot of space from the heel to the toe although perhaps the off-set look may not be to everyone's taste.

When it comes to hitting, they do not produce a big, clunky sound and they do sound smooth through the ball.

They are very easy to flight, they feel very good, and there is a good degree of forgiveness on offer too.

As a result these clubs could be used by a whole host of different players.

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