The Titleist Tour Speed ball has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021

Titleist Tour Speed Ball

Titleist’s ball range ladder has a couple of extra rungs compared to most and Tour Speed, which launched late last year, is an intriguing addition. It seeks to fill the middle ground between Pro V1 and Tour Soft in the quest for near-premium performance at a lower price point.

We think it does that well, and in our full review, we found it to be an excellent alternative.

Titleist Tour Speed Ball

Admittedly, Tour Speed sits at the upper end of the best mid-price golf ball market, but just how does it deliver all that performance? Well, its three-piece design blends a new high-speed core with a fast ionomer mid-layer to boost ball speeds and keep spin down for optimum long-game distance.

At the other end of the hole, a new urethane cover brings excellent greenside spin and control with soft feel. And if soft feel is your thing, this could be just the ball for you. In our testing, Tour Speed offered more greenside control than Tour Soft, while its softer feel is noticeable all the way from driver down to putter compared to the Pro V1.

No Real Weaknesses

While this buttery soft feel may not be right for all, it’s hard to really find any weaknesses in this ball other than chip shots perhaps running out a little more.

Off the tee, it held its own in illustrious company with no real difference in ball flight that we could discern up against the Pro V1x. And on iron shots, it seemed to fly a little further and carry up to half a club longer throughout the set.

Our overall verdict is that Tour Speed provides excellent, near-tour ball performance from tee-to-green at a slightly lower price, making it a great value option if premium prices are not your thing.

Further proof that the boundaries are gradually becoming more blurred between tour-calibre models and those sitting just below them in the golf ball world pecking order.

Titleist Tour Speed Ball