The Decathlon Inesis Tour 900 ball has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021

Decathlon Inesis Tour 900 Ball

We’re not pretending that this ball sits right at the top of the tree in terms of all-round performance, but factor in its price tag – pretty much half the price of premium models – and you are getting one of the best value golf balls money can buy just now.

This top-of-the-range model from the French sporting goods retail giant is a three-piece ball with a soft urethane cover – not that easy to come by at this price. This makes it feel suitably soft while remaining pleasingly durable. It didn’t scuff up much during our testing

So, what can you expect from it? Well, before we get into where it excelled, let’s touch on its failings – if you can call them that at this price. Although the numbers were still good with the driver, and the average ball speed only just shy of the Pro V1, the Inesis Tour 900 does spin more with a lower launch.

This makes it harder to keep the ball up there, with driver carry distances around ten yards shorter. This extra spin will be particularly noticeable into the wind.

Inesis Tour 900 Golf Balls

Superb Greenside Control

But while this lower launch, higher spin theme continues on full iron shots, it’s not at the cost of carry distance here, with the extra spin also providing added stopping power into the greens.

Where this ball really comes into its own, though, is its exceptional short-game performance for the price. Many golfers will forgive minor issues elsewhere if the ball feels controllable around the greens where scores are often made or saved.

Its softer feel and higher spin were an ideal partnership on chips and pitches, with excellent levels of spin control clearing the way for a more aggressive style of short-game play for those who prefer that when confidence is high. Performance well beyond the price tag!

Inesis Tour 900 Golf Balls