Check out our guide to the best driver shafts on the market and ensure you're maximising your potential off the tee

Best Driver Shafts

Choices used to be few and far between when it came to driver shafts – there will be some who even remember a time before graphite – but nowadays, the options seem endless. 

And it’s worth investing some time into making sure you find the right one for your game as it’s an extremely important component in how the driver performs. 

It’s no longer just a case of choosing the stiffness you’d like and going on your merry way. For your unique swing, it might be that you require something lighter for the specific head weight, or even a shaft that has a certain ‘kick point’ that will optimise your launch conditions. 

Whatever it is, make sure and do your research and ideally test some out before committing to what is a big decision. 

In this guide to the best driver shafts, our aim is to give you exactly that, a guide, that will hopefully help you make the most informed decision you can. 

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Best Driver Shafts

Mitsubishi Diamana D+ series shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana D+ series, best driver shafts

This shaft has a traditional balance point to maximise target performance and is stiff-tipped for those looking for a combination of lower launch and spin. 

Obviously, to achieve this, there is a load of technology hidden within. A multi-dimensional interlay means carbon fibre can be layered in different directions, allowing for specific bend and torsion characteristics to be achieved. In simple terms, it means they can tailor shafts easily and efficiently to various swing types.

Additionally, Mitsubishi’s proprietary Block Copolymer technology allows for hard and soft polymers to be fused together to create a shaft that is extremely durable without sacrificing feel. We really enjoyed this mixture and could feel the energy transfer boost compared to other models.

It’s also one of the most popular shafts on tour, with the likes of Brooks Koepka, Collin Morikawa and Paul Casey all putting their trust in a variation of this model.

Fujikura Ventus Black shaft

Fujikura Ventus Black, Best driver shafts

This shaft has been designed to tighten shot dispersion and maximise ball speed, no matter the strike location. The Ventus also features Fujikura’s all-new VeloCore technology in an ultra-stiff tip option.

Additionally, the shaft is a multi-material construction, making it extremely strong and stable through impact for the optimum in smash factor. But it retains the feel thanks to the straight taper design and 40 Ton bias layers.

As a result, it’s a really versatile product and should suit a lot of swing types. Another added benefit is that this shaft is available as one of the custom options when purchasing one of TaylorMade’s new SIM2 drivers. For more on this, check out our guide to the best TaylorMade drivers available right now.

Mitsubishi Diamana DF shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana DF, best driver shafts

In the Diamana DF series, Mitsubishi fused two of their most tried and tested tour-proven profiles – Blue Board and White Board – to create a shaft that is strong, stable and lower launching. 

While more costly, the pitch fibre used in construction is superior to the traditional carbon fibre and offers outstanding strength and energy transfer to its users.

We noticed there was very little shaft deformation when watching back on video, which plays a big factor in being able to hit the ball straight.

Aldila Rogue Silver shaft

Aldila Rogue Silver, best driver shafts

Aldila shafts have always been among the best, with the brand continuing to innovate to provide golfers with superior performance and consistency. The matte and gloss finish gives the Rogue Silver shaft a premium look to match the brilliant launch and spin characteristics on offer. 

By using advanced aerospace material, Aldila has been able to create slightly thicker walls towards to butt-end of the shaft, meaning the balance point could be raised for lighter swing weights and therefore greater clubhead speed and distance.

It’s a stock option in one of the best Cobra drivers in recent memory – the King Speedzone.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green shaft

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green, best driver shafts

The Smoke Green is the stiffest HZRDUS shaft yet, having been designed to reduce spin for the fastest swingers. Using Hexcel’s HexTow HM63, Project X has engineered a shaft that delivers the optimum in stability. 

For those who want to make a statement, the Smoke Green also comes in two different colourways – the traditional Smoke grey and a sleek Gamma PVD green. With its vivid green looks and stable profile, the HZRDUS Smoke Green has affectionately been nicknamed “The Hulk”.

If you like how the Project X HZRDUS shafts feel, it might also be worth checking out our guide to the best Callaway drivers as they come as standard.

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange shaft

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange, best driver shafts

Mitsuibishi’s Tensei CK Pro Orange expands the CK Series. It features a multi-material design that incorporates more performance-oriented materials than the brand has ever used in a shaft. 

Using a counterbalanced design, this first-of-its-kind bend profile for Mitsubishi has an extreme tip-stiff to provide added versatility for the stronger player. It also incorporates the same Carbon Fibre/DuPont Kevlar weave found in the butt-section of all Tensei CK shafts – providing enhanced stability and maximum feel. The tip section is reinforced with MR70, Mitsubishi Chemical’s strongest carbon fibre, delivering lower torque and excellent control.

As an added benefit, the Tensei shaft is available as a stock option in the Ping G425 driver, which is one of the best Ping drivers ever released.

Aldila Rogue Black shaft

Aldila Rogue Black

Building off the success of the previous model, Aldila’s latest Rogue Black shaft offers excellent performance and consistency through the use of advanced carbon fibres. In particular, the 130 M.S.I carbon fibre is extremely strong and stable, something we felt when testing. 

Another aspect that makes it one of the best driver shafts is that it’s a mid-high launch shaft that offers mid spin, making it extremely versatile. Most swing types will find this product helps them flight the ball efficiently. 

With its higher balance point, there is also the potential for lighter swing weight options, meaning golfers can really maximise the distance they can hit the ball.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow shaft

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow

Another from Project X’s brilliant HZRDUS line, the Smoke Yellow is perfect for golfers with a smooth tempo who like to flight it lower. It’s a counterbalanced shaft meaning additional mass can be added to the head for greater ball speed. 

But it will also suit those who like to swing more aggressively thanks to the firmer mid-section than featured in the original HZRDUS Yellow. This also means it offers plenty of stability, which aids consistency, and we could all do with more of that.

For those who want to combine the performance benefits of the Smoke Yellow shaft with one of the best Titleist drivers on the market, it comes as a stock option in the TSi4.

KBS TD Driver shaft

KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft

A new entry into this market, the KBS (Kim Braly Signature) TD is lighter than the renowned brand’s iron shafts and means KBS is now able to fit shafts to every club in a golfer’s bag.

We found it to have the same classic KBS feel that we’ve become accustomed to, with the specific features making it ideal for those who want to really max out their distance. The combination of mid launch and low spin means players of all swing speeds will be able to fulfil their potential off the tee. 

In addition, it’s also very stable so will give amateurs the ability to tighten their dispersion and therefore increase their confidence. It’s the ideal accompanying shaft for one of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

Accra RPG Tour shaft

Accra RPG Tour

One of the most popular driver shafts among the best players in the world, the Tour RPG is Accra’s most technologically advanced golf shaft ever. And it’s not just suitable for the elite, it’s a highly playable offering for a wide variety of golfers.

It’s available in two designs and several distinct weights, adding to the shaft’s versatility, with all featuring a similar profile to ensure maximum energy transfer. In total, nine composite materials have been used in production, making this the smoothest feeling and most stable shaft Accra has created.

Put simply, the RPG Tour enables golfers to control their launch and spin while increasing clubhead speed through its optimal CG design.