A strong finish to 2015, with four top fives from late September’s Italian Open onwards, took the thoughts of young Dane, Lucas Bjerregaard, away from merely keeping his card to how high he could finish on the Race to Dubai.

In the end a runner-up spot in the Hong Kong Open, where he pushed winner, Justin Rose, all the way, and a 3rd place finish in the BMW Masters hoisted him to 34th on the Race to Dubai with over a million euros in winnings.

Since then, he has signed for Nike on a full 14-club and ball deal, and in the accompanying video Lucas gives us the full low-down on the clubs he will be putting into action this year…

Driver: Nike Vapor Fly Pro, 8.5˚ neutral, Kuro Kage 60g shaft

“The driver is very stable especially into the wind where I’ve seen a big improvement. I like the colour. I think it’s really cool and I like where they’re trying to go with this.”

3- and 5-woods: Nike Vapor Fly 15˚ and 19˚, neutral, 80g Diamana shafts

“They’ve been very consistent distance-wise and very versatile in shot-making. I can hit it low easy, I can get it up in the air too – whatever shot I need. So that’s been a big improvement as well.”

4-iron: Nike Vapor Pro Combo, Project X 6.5 shaft

“I’ve taken the 3-iron and put the Vapor Pro Combo in as a 4-iron to make it a little stronger so it goes a little further and closes that gap down to the 5-wood.”

Irons 5-9: Nike Vapor Pro, Project X 6.5 shaft

“The irons are very consistent with a very solid feel to them. They’re very good through the turf. I’ve always played blades. I’ve always found it fairly easy generating speed so I can get the blades up in the air.”

Wedges: Nike Engage, 46˚, 50˚, 56˚ and 60˚

“This is where I’ve put an extra wedge in where I had the 3-iron before. That’s working really well for me. I found myself in a lot of situations before when I was in-between yardages where I’d have to hit a soft pitching wedge or a really hard 54˚ and have issues with the spin.”

Putter: Nike Method Matter

“I really like the insert – it makes the ball roll a little bit better. It’s a couple of degrees flat in the lie as I have a tendency to go on the heel a little bit, so it’s a little bit flat.”

Ball: Nike RZN Tour Platinum

“It’s very consistent especially into the wind. I’ve always had issues with hitting it a little bit high, and this is very consistent and stable in the wind.”