The Golf Monthly Test Team's Nike Method Matter putter review, a range that includes four traditional head shapes with RZN face technology to improve feel and roll

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Nike Method Matter putter


  • Four beautiful putter shapes that are simple, yet easy to align and feel soft off the face and roll the ball on line


  • Takes some time to adjust to the extra roll out. Some players will want more feedback on strike


Nike Method Matter putter review


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The Method Matter putter family includes two blades, a mid-mallet and a full-mallet shape designed with input from Nike tour pros

The Method Matter family replaces the Method Core range.

Golf Monthly Nike Method Matter putter review

Address View
The Nike Method Matter putters have a clean and simple look on top with minimal distractions on very traditional putter shapes. A semi matte-black finish reduces glare and is joined by one white alignment line extending across the flange.

Shelf Appeal
The four shapes in the family, as well as the premium finish, red RZN insert and Nike swoosh on the face, mean this putter line has more than enough pop off the shelf to catch your eye, aided by a retail price under £100.

A lot of thought has clearly gone in to the traditional mid-size grip with its shape seemingly fitting snugly in your hands however you hold the putter. It has a slightly rough but soft texture that really enhances the feel you experience at impact, while the shaping helps you return the face squarely.

Face technology
Nike’s RZN Groove insert softens the feel and delivers a faster forward roll, aided by the stainless steel body. The loft is relatively low at 2.5°, which may also contribute to the ball rolling out a little more than you would expect, enabling you to adopt a more compact, controllable stroke.

Nike’s new RTS (Return to Square) colour-coded model selection system gives golfers a starting point as to the type of putter they should be playing. Using a special mat, you are recommended either a straight, slight or strong arc putter based on how far you stand from the ball at address and your ability to start the ball on line.

Nike Method Matter putter address

The putter heads feature two sole weights in the heel and toe. A head weight of 345g comes as standard in the four models, with a 34-inch shaft, but this can be altered slightly up or down by changing the sole weights during a custom fitting.

Although slightly less forgiving than the Converge line, the design and length of the RZN insert offers a generally consistent roll and feel from different strike points, which is especially noticeable from long range.

The consistency of the roll-out is a reassuring trait, leaving you less worried about finding the sweet spot. Only really poor strikes feel significantly different. Once you’ve found a model that fits your stroke type via the RTS system, you should be able to hole-out regularly from close range.

Distance Control
The face technology certainly helps, and being able to add or take away weight from the head allows you to control distance more effectively, too. Initially, the ball rolls out a foot or two more than expected from distance, so spend some time on the practice green before putting a Matter model in play on the course.

If you like a soft-feeling flat stick with a quiet, muted sound, the Method Matter putters will be right up your street. There’s barely a sound made when you strike the ball and yet it rolls true, thanks to the two types of material used in the RZN insert. That said, there’s just enough feedback to let you know if you’ve found the sweet spot.


The Method Matter putter line offers clean, traditional shapes with modern technology in the form of the RZN insert that promotes a soft feel and early roll