Me and My Golf Tips: Hit Your Hybrids Better

By Andy Proudman, Me and My Golf

Hybrids may be billed as the easy-to-hit alternative to long-irons, but some people still really struggle with consistency of strike, trajectory and distance. Much like with fairway woods, a correct and more consistent bottom of the swing is the key to achieving better results with your hybrids. The extension of the arms play a pivotal role in this, perhaps more than you might expect.

A common mistake we often see is the arms bunching up, with the hands moving towards the body and the elbows splayed. This fault creates too much loft and won’t enable the bottom of the swing to happen at or after the ball, like you want.

A good impact position is crucial if you want to get the most from your hybrids. When the elbows separate, the hands rise and you add loft, creating problems with the strike

To deliver a better strike and a stronger trajectory, you need the arms to fully extend through the ball. We’ve got a great drill to help you incorporate this into your technique, called ‘feel the reach’.

Try this drill – Feel the Reach

In your golf posture, place the club in your lead hand and reach out towards the target. Keep the arm straight and get the shaft parallel to the ground at waist height, with the toe of the club pointing up to the sky.

Maintaining your posture, reach over with your other hand and take hold of the club. You should feel like you’re reaching out with the arms extended. Note that body rotation is required to take your grip. The arms will be fully extended past the ball, helping achieve a cleaner strike, a more consistent impact position and better results with your hybrid.