The Swede’s brisk, no-nonsense golf swing is in the mould of Nick Price or Sergio Garcia. In his heyday he was one of the game’s great iron players, and this Jesper Parnevik swing sequence illustrates exactly where his pure, crisp ball striking comes from.

Starting at address, you can see that he sets a superb spine angle, which he maintains nicely all the way through impact. Importantly, this helps him keep the club on a great path throughout.

One of the most noticeable features of his address position is that his hands are ahead of the ball. This hints at what we’ll see through impact – a man adept at compressing the ball, squeezing it for a truly impressive strike.

The club remains nicely on plane in the backswing, and he winds up with a great turn. In picture three on both rows, you can see how well coiled his upper body is. His sternum is right over the ball and he’s ready to make his trademark drive through the downswing. If you watch the video that accompanies this Jesper Parnevik swing sequence piece, you’ll notice how his lower body initiates the downswing. This is a classic move that helps him to store the energy of his upper-body turn ready to unleash as late as possible.

He also keeps the angle in his wrists beautifully, which he releases at the last second – this also helps to deliver that wonderfully powerful, crisp strike.

The ball flight he produces would be a fraction lower than other top players, and I think this swing sequence illustrates perfectly why Jesper Parnevik was such a consistent contender at our Open Championship.

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Sadly, back and hand injuries curtailed Jesper’s career at the very highest level,but he’s back playing on the PGA Tour again now. Looking at the simple fundamentals and impressive strike in this Jesper Parnevik swing sequence he’s able to produce, this swing sequence reminds me of just what a good player he was.