If ever you needed proof that golf was an art and not a science, here it is. My Jeev Milkha Singh swing analysis shows he has a quirky swing with certain positions that no coach would advocate, but watch it closely and, more importantly, see the quality of his ball striking for yourself, and there’s much to admire. Jeev is the Pablo Picasso of the golfing world!

The first point to make is that he has a very solid set-up position. His upper body is well set over a solid base and, interestingly, he hovers the club. Players such as Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman have both done this in the past, and I think it really helps a passive takeaway – something that Jeev does well. From there, the unusual movements begin.

At the top, his wrists haven’t really set and the club is laid off (notice how the shaft is pointing way left of target). This is quite unusual. If you watch the video that accompanies this, you’ll notice there’s a long pause here as well. However, the resistance he creates between his upper body turn and his solid lower half is spot on, and it delivers great power later in the swing. As he starts down, he reroutes the club into a much more orthodox position, retaining the angle in his wrists. At impact, the back of his left hand is pointing at the target. Through the most important phase of the swing, Jeev’s position is textbook.

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Interestingly, I notice on his website a tip about staring for a long time at the ball. You can see this in his technique – he stares at the ball for a long time at address, and then he keeps his head down after impact for much longer than most other top players would. This pulls his arms across his chest and suggests he hits a fade. However, this isn’t a weak swing; he averages 290 yards off the tee – not bad for a 41-year old.

This illustrates that it doesn’t matter what your swing as a whole looks like, as long as you can repeat a good impact position. Style in the golf swing can be overrated at times, impact is everything. Jeev knows his game, he knows what works for him. In its own way, it’s a great swing!