Inside takeaway golf fix
Inside takeaway golf fix
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The takeaway is a crucial part of the golf swing. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coaches Andrew Jones and Ged Walters offer a simple inside takeaway golf fix to get your swing back on track.

This inside takeaway golf fix video from Andrew Jones provides offers some great insight into the problem and how to cure it . To help you further we have also added some thoughts, below, from another Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Ged Walters. He explains why the takeaway in the golf swing is such an important move to get right and offers another drill to help you.

If the club starts working on the wrong path, you will need an inside takeaway golf fix to prevent compensations later in the swing to get the club back to the ball. The best case scenario is a heavy draw or fade, the worst case is erratic ball-striking - it could be one of the many golf shank causes.

Use the following drill as a checkpoint to ensure your swing is starting neatly on plane with a good takeaway. Place a headcover about 3ft behind your ball, directly on your target line (I’m using a karate pad that I use when I teach).

Inside takeaway golf fix

As you take the club back, all you are looking to do is clip the headcover. This stops you from whipping the club away too far on the inside (by far the most likely error). Hit a series of normal shots, clipping it on the way back and then aiming to miss the headcover on the inside through impact.

karate pad takeaway drill

Try to clip the pad (or headcover) on the way back and then miss it on the inside on the way through impact

This simple drill can really help set your swing on a much better, more consistent path both through the takeaway and at impact.

Inside Takeaway Golf Fix Checklist

1 Simple Start

Start the swing by taking your arms straight back and prevent your body from rotating. You should be able to clip the headcover as you move through this first part of the swing. This is a solid, one-piece takeaway.

2 Hinge & Rotate

Once you have knocked the headcover over, hinge your wrists and rotate your upper body. This sequence will set the club working on a neutral swing path and provide you with the room to attack the ball from the inside on the way down.

3 Inside Attack

Now drive through the downswing as normal. NI am trying to miss the karate pad on the inside as I move through impact. Not only does this drill help with the takeaway but it also provides a useful visual aid for finding the ideal in-to-out path through impact.