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Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Fitting Vlog

Prior to the official launch of the Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers, we went along to Woburn Golf Club to go through the custom fitting process and see which model would be best suited to our game.

It was interesting to find out that we would get dialled in for the Titleist driver before comparing it to our own. Often manufacturers will get you to hit your current driver first when you are not fully warmed up, which can skew the results in favour of whatever you try after.

TS2 has a larger profile and launches the ball higher with more spin than the TS3, which is why fitter Matt Johnson decided the TS3 was the best model for my swing speed and how I deliver the club, which is with a 3-4 degree upward attack angle.

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There are four stock shaft options in the Titleist TS drivers and I tried three of them, starting with the Smoke then moving on to the Tensei and finally the Even Flow. Performance improved as we went through them but it was the Even Flow that felt the best, lightweight but stable and helping bring my miss to the right much straighter thanks to some extra weight in the butt section.


Once we found the right shaft it was a question of dialling in headweight via the SureFit CG, something that isn’t an option on the TS2, as well as loft and lie angle. By taking just 2g out of the head, my dispersion increased significantly so we reverted back to the standard head weight. There are five weight cartridges in all available on the TS drivers and fairways, allowing the fitter to adjust flight, spin and shot shape in different increments.

Titleist TS3-driver-adjusted-web

In the end we went right down to an 8.5° TS3 with the standard headweight in the D1 setting, which is lofted down to 7.75°. This goes to show that the new TS drivers are high launching, so you’ll probably end up playing a lower loft in them that what you currently play.

It also beat my current driver by nearly 10 yards, which was an impressive gain I was not expecting, and my overall dispersion was slightly tighter too. I think many golfers could well experience something similar, but only if they go through the custom fitting process like I did.