The woods and irons in Srixon’s new Z355 family of game improvement clubs are constructed to offer distance and forgiveness thanks to its proprietary Action Mass Technology.

This innovation places more weight in the clubhead to increase ball speed but by raising the balance point of the shaft, the overall weight of the club isn’t affected. A heavier club head also makes the driver more forgiving.

“Lightweight clubs work well for older golfers to swing it faster,” John Rae, VP of R&D for Cleveland Golf/Srixon, told GM. “But for individual golfers, they can only swing the club so fast. We found that with a more a younger golfer we don’t get as much benefit from lightweight, at some point their club speed plateaus.”

“In the new Srixon Z355 range, weight has been taken out of the shaft and put in the head. We’ve also moved the balance point higher to make it feel easier to swing.”

The Z355 driver has a clubhead that weighs 211g, one of the heaviest on the market, but the overall club weight remains relatively light. Having a heavier head places more mass behind the ball, transferring more energy transfer to create more distance.

Srixon Z355 Booster Cup face

Added weight to the clubhead also means it’s very stable, helping mid-to-high handicap golfers achieve more distance and accuracy on off-centre hits. Srixon’s Booster Ti Cup Face design boosts the level of forgiveness further. It does this due to a change in the welding process that allows engineers to design the face thickness to manage stress in certain areas. The result is faster ball speeds from a larger area – in fact the face itself is, more forgiving than on the Z545 driver.

The Z355 driver features the same hosel adjustability found on the 5 and 7 series models, with 12 hosel settings adjusting loft and face angle. Srixon’s use of their own Miyazaki shafts means they can design the whole club at the same time, mirroring the shaft technology into the head to improve overall performance.

Srixon Z355 hybrid

The Z355 driver is on sale from September 18th with an RRP of £279. The non-adjustable Z355 fairway wood (RRP 179) and hybrid (RRP £159) feature the same Action Mass Technology found in the driver. They also boast a low profile design and offer some draw bias to create a stronger ball flight.
Srixon Z355 irons

Being slightly smaller in size and featuring less offset than the Super Game Improver Z155 irons, the Z355 irons also feature Action Mass Technology to increase ball speed and forgiveness.

The 5-7 irons in the set are a two-piece construction that feature a stronger, thinner face material to create a bigger trampoline effect at impact for more distance. The short irons are one piece construction that allows for even gapping through the set.

A key feature found on the 355 irons is the Tour VT sole that also features on the 9, 7 and 5 series irons. This sole shape improves total distance by keeping the head speed up, but more importantly tightens dispersion by reducing the drag through turf for improved consistency.

Srixon Tour VT sole

Additional leading edge bounce generates more efficient head speed through turf impacts, resulting in a 24 per cent reduction in head speed loss, while a decrease in trailing edge bounce reduces turf interaction time by 43 per cent.

“The 1 series is the most game improver, moving up to 9 which is the smallest, for the true better player,” Rae continues. “In the name, the 4 or 5 is the year it’s launched in and we put another 5 at the end is because it sounds better.”

Srixon Z355 iron


“We still believe in the benefits of custom fitting, but the new Z355 woods and irons is more about performance right off the rack. Yes they’re game improver clubs, but they still have that authentic, Srixon aesthetic that looks good in the bag because they hide as much of the technology as possible. They actually have a similar feel and look to Z545 and Z745 irons.”

The Z355 irons feature premium Nippon NS Pro 950 DST and Miyazaki Jinsoku shafts as standard. The have an RRP of £499 steel, £549 graphite (5-PW).