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The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot during a round so it makes sense to ensure you’re using the model best suited to your game. One way you can discover your perfect match is through a Titleist ball fitting, which all competitors at the recent Howdidido Grand Final at the Belfry, were lucky enough to go through.

We observed this process from start to finish it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that many of those that took part were positively surprised by their findings.

Titleist are the leader in golf balls and recommend a ‘green-to-tee’ strategy when it comes to prioritizing performance. In fact, a mere seven yards separates Titleist’s longest ball, the Titleist Pro V1x, and shortest balls in the brand’s entire range. Where the more significant differences lie is in the short game performance – spin control from shots of 100 yards and in.

Titleist ball fitting

The first stage of a Titleist ball fitting is a game assessment. In consultation with your fitter, between you both it will be established what you look for from your ball and how big an impact price and personal preference has on your decision. You then try all of Titleist’s different models in and around the short game area, hitting putts, chip and pitches of various lengths and from different lies to assess feel, flight and greenside control.

The second stage moves you to the course, whereby golfers then hit a wider variety of shots including irons shots and drives but still placing an emphasis on the performance experienced into and around the green.

Titleist ball fitting
From your testing and discussions with your fitter, you’ll receive a recommended ball and an alternative ball to try on the course over a longer period of time, hitting different shots from different lies. This is the final part of the fitting process, after which you will have hopefully gained enough insight into which ball models works best for you and be fully confident that under pressure, your ball is going to do exactly what you expect it to time after time.