They’re easy to use and offer quick, accurate distances. There has never been more choice in the Golf DMD and Golf GPS category, so whether you want a stripped-back model or one with lots of detail there’s a device out there that’s perfect for your needs and budget.

Golf Monthly Buyer’s Guide

GPS handhelds
These are favoured by serious golfers that like to see the hole view from above and, in the case of the more basic models, are happy to find the centre of the green with their approaches. The higher price point devices will provide detailed hole maps, ideal if you play lots of different courses. They’re also useful on blind shots, plus you can input your score on most of them.

GPS watches
Watches now come with many features including dog-legs, hazards and the ability to pair the watch to your phone so you can receive text and email notifications. They’re ideal for a quick and easy glance at a distance to the front, middle or back before selecting your club.

GPS smartphone apps
These are much cheaper than handheld GPS devices and offer hole views, interactive distances via a movable cursor. They don’t tend to be quite as accurate as golf-specifice GPS devices and will drain your phone’s battery life quickly. The rule on using a smartphone with a GPS app capability is sketchy so check with your club before putting one in play for a competition.