When playing into the wind you should tee the ball down, right? Wrong. This is a huge misconception as people think that a lower tee height will automatically deliver a lower trajectory. This might seem like a logical conclusion but if you strike the ball lower on the face you’ll actually produce more spin and this is not how high to tee your ball in the wind if you want to maximise your power.

How high to tee your driver

More spin when playing into the wind is a killer as the ball balloons and goes nowhere. When playing into the wind, use a normal tee height and aim to strike the ball from towards the top of the driver face. This will deliver the strongest flight possible. The only time this changes is when playing downwind when you should peg the ball up a fraction higher. When doing this you should also move it a fraction further forward in your stance and tilt your spine angle away from the target more than usual. These tweaks relating to how high to tee your ball in the wind will deliver a higher launch as well as a strong flight to maximise your power.

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If you are using this tip during the winter months remember that you need as secure a hitting platform as possible. To help, set your stance a little wider than usual. A wider stance stabilises you but it also reduces some of the range of motion in your hips. As your upper body rotates against your hips you will create good power without having to make a big turn. The other important factor here is your transition. When the swing gets a little shorter in the winter (as we all know it does), it can become too fast and snatchy. Concentrate on keeping your transition smooth and you will be far more accurate this winter.