The 'Big Cat' is not everyone's cup of tea. As he goes in search of a fourth Masters title, we ask: do you love him or hate him?


Tiger Woods: What Camp Are You In?

Tiger Woods leads the US Masters going into the final round. He’s the ‘GOAT’ (Greatest Of All Time) and no one can stop him winning a fourth Green Jacket, not even this Francesco chap from somewhere in Europe, although he did Ok against the ‘Big Cat’ in The Ryder Cup – Woods was tired though, he’d just won the Tour Championship to complete the greatest comeback of all time across all sports, period. A view, you suspect, held by many…

Actually, Molinari is favourite to win his first US Masters title. That’s not just because he actually leads by two shots overnight, but because he’s the best golfer on the planet right now – he was even before he won the Open Championship at Carnoustie last July, where he held off a late Sunday charge by, yes, Woods. Molinari didn’t get the same air time as his 43-year-old rival yesterday, but this has become pretty standard when the 14-time Major winner is in contention, and even when he’s not.

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Is this why you’re in the ‘I hate Woods’ camp? ‘Hate’ is a touch strong, but scroll through the comments on Tiger Tracker’s Twitter account and you can’t ignore there are haters out there. Woods isn’t in control of the broadcasting, he just affects it in a way only someone with 14 Majors and 80 PGA Tour titles can.

Of course, your loathing of Tiger runs a little deeper. You’re in the ‘Hate Camp’ (really, this is too strong a word) for a number of reasons.

The Haters

When he’s not playing well, he pretends he’s injured and he walks off. We’ve seen this so many times. Forget the surgeries, he just hates losing and blames a loss of form on his wonky back, legs, knees, arms and wrists.

You’d think there was no one on else on the course when he’s playing, it’s just Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. He’s past it. He’ll never win another Major, even that Tour Championship was only contested by, like, 12 golfers or something silly. Jack Nicklaus was the best ever golfer, and a gentleman too. Don’t get me started on that ‘fall from grace’ debacle, or the spitting. The Match: Tiger vs. Phil… disgusting, absolutely disgusting. As for the cheating, Guy Mowbray is definitely onto something…

The Lovers

The best ever, the GOAT. In fact, the GOAT Emoji was designed by Woods. Sorry, Jack, but when you were playing, practically everyone else was useless. Besides, Woods has his own Twitter account reporting his every shot, you didn’t. Sure he spits, but so do rugby players and footballers, it’s a physical necessity and is proven to improve performance. That’s what he’s done the whole of his career: raised the bar. He won’t just win one Major again, he’ll win several.

Tiger Woods: What Camp Are You In?

Tiger Woods: What Camp Are You In?

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