The Golf Monthly Forum debates which hole at Augusta offers the best chance of par for a regular golfer

Which Hole Would A Club Golfer Most Likely Par At Augusta?

We asked our forum members if they were to tee it up at the home of the Masters which hole would suit their eye and see them marking down a par on the scorecard. With the small proviso that you’d be playing off the back tees, the greens are lightning and the Sunday pins are out. 

Here’s how they see it playing out…

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2nd, Pink Dogwood, 575 yards, par 5

Get the opening hole hook out of the way and onto the downhill second, its a 575-yard par 5 but mostly downhill so playing shorter. I’d like to think its a par most days – brendy

Smash it on in 2 at the 2nd and roll in the eagle putt – robinthehood

Two good thumps and a short iron in the right place and you’ve got a birdie chance… imurg

2 or 8, the par 5s are generally easier to par. Neither has a water hazard and should be easy to reach in regulation or less – James R

Probably the 2nd but I think I’d be so overawed to be on the famous turf and playing the swing would be so fast and tempo shot to pieces – HomerJSimpson

Not too much trouble to get into and two half-decent shots should leave me a third to the green in regulation. Then should get down in four putts, or possibly even less – Ethan

3rd, Flowering Peach, 350 yards, par 4

By far the shortest par 4 so I’ll say that. It’s the only par 4 that I could potentially reach in two –


Most of the par 4s are out of reach in regulation, or at the very extreme range, but the 3rd hole I’d just need a decent drive to leave a short/mid iron in – Kaz

I was going the suggest the 3rd but on Sunday the pin is in an impossible position on a little shelf on the left of the green with drop-offs on both sides. Easy to hit GiR and then putt off the green


8th, Yellow Jasmine, 570 yards, par 5

I’d say 8 as I’d prefer the tee shot to the 2nd and my 3rd would be a nice uphill lie to a bit of a punchbowl green – ADB

12th, Golden Bell, 155 yards, par 3

My distances are now not long. Driver 210. To par a hole you really need to be on in regulation most of the time, so the chances of me hitting three of my best shots one after the other or two for a par 4 are less than the one (good) shot I need at the short 12th – Swinglowandslow

Mate of mine knocked to two feet on 12 earlier this year and gave me a copy of the picture….. followed by a green polo shirt. I still stuck the picture in the bin but I know it’s coming back as Xmas card – Pathetic Shark

155 yards. Into the wind, my Ladywood (11 Wood) is perfect. With the wind, 6-iron, knock it close with the second and a tap-in par. Or more likely an outrageous 35-ft putt – PhilTheFragger

13th, Azalea, 510 yards, par 5

As a 3-shot hole isn’t a bad chance. I walked the right-hand side of that and thought I’d fancy bailing out right and the pitch over didn’t look too bad… then you only have to 2 putt! – IanM

Probably the right answer. Assuming you get a reasonable tee shot away, there is no chance you could leave your approach blocked out by trees. So ultimately you can hit a reasonable 3-wood or driver off the tee. A average to ok mid-iron. A decent wedge in and 2 putt. Personally think 2- putting any of these greens is the toughest bit about this. I reckon they will be unlike almost anything handicap golfers have ever played on – Grant85

15th, Firethorn, 530 yards, par 5

Bunt it up there, lay up, wedge on and two putts – Traminator

16th, Redbud, 170 yards, par 3

Which hole favours a slice? That’s me done. Have to pick a par 3, get lucky off the tee, with a couple of putts could see my only par for the round – DRW

Generous enough green, no water and only one bunker. The only concern is topping one and killing one of the patrons sat halfway down the hill – Golfnut1957

Fairly large green and the slope helps bring it towards the hole. My fade/slice would take the water on the left out of the equation – FELL75


I’d say at least one of the holes on the par-3 course Patster1969

And a bit of hope should we ever make it there…

A guy I know has played it a couple of times, he shot 86 on his first round with 46 putts, he was 10 shots better the following day all strokes gained on the putting, he was only playing it under ‘normal’ conditions, he played off +2 at the time – ArnoldArmChewer

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