How are you watching the Masters? As much as you'd like a golden ticket, they're not easy to come by, but sitting at home with a glass of something nice comes a close second... maybe

The Best Seat In The House For The Masters

Forget FA Cup Finals, World Cups, Opening Ceremonies, Wimbledon, The Ashes, the Grand National or the 6 Nations Championship. For four days in spring we’re invited into Augusta National, Georgia to soak up another chapter of the US Masters.

For golf fans, this is pretty much as good as it gets. Yes, a ticket would be nice, but there’s always the sofa – the best seat in the house for the Masters.

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How are you watching the 2018 US Masters? Creating the perfect set-up at home is important, that’s before you decide whether to watch on the BBC or Sky.

We’ve been asking for your best pictures for how you’re set up to watch the Masters, and we have some good ones. Keep them coming via Twitter using #MastersSetUp

Looks like a leather chair, premium comfort…

Nice television, even nicer-looking lounge.

Chocolate, wine and, yes, a cat. The smile says it all – fantastic entertainment.

The danger: too comfortable and you may fall asleep and miss the action.

More danger. A drink too many and you may fall asleep and miss the action. A single malt before the leaders enter the back nine?

Food. Much needed when it comes to settling down for six hours of golf. The only big decision is what food, and we still can’t be certain what we’re looking at here – but it looks good.

The dog. Not always your best friend when needy, but can enhance your viewing experience when well behaved.

Taking it to a new level. The juices are flowing with the Masters in full swing, and you can even lift yourself out of your favourite armchair for a putt or two.

Golf Monthly – or some members of – is at Augusta National, but we very much appreciate your home set-ups. The action is hotting up and you can follow all the action right here on the Golf Monthly website.

In the meantime, keep your pictures coming via Twitter using #MastersSetUp and we’ll share the best ones.