You get a lot more than a Green Jacket. Here are some of the perks that go with winning The Masters

9 Perks Of Winning The Masters

When you become a Major champion, lots of doors open.

However, the perks of winning The Masters, and the extras that come with pulling on the Green Jacket, are something else.

Perks Of Winning The Masters

1. The Masters Trophy

Let’s be honest, some golf trophies don’t look all that.

The Masters Trophy, which depicts the Augusta National clubhouse, is different.

The winner gets a sterling silver replica to keep.

Perks Of Winning The Masters

Tiger Woods receives the Masters Trophy after his win in 2019 [Getty Images]

2. A Gold Medal

The medal is 3.4 inches in diameter and features a view of the clubhouse from behind the Founders Circle.

So, if you win the Masters, you receive a silver trophy, a gold medal and, should you make an eagle, a bit of crystal – and that’s before you get your prize money

3. A Cheque For $2,070,000 (£1.57m)

The prize fund for the Masters is, as of November 2020, $11.5m.

Whoever wins will trouser a whopping $2,070,000 (£1.57m) – not bad for a week’s work.

4. The Green Jacket

Of course, the winner gets to pull on the coveted Green Jacket itself.

With an extra couple of million in the bank, the winner can afford to go on a shopping spree, but no amount of money can buy you this item of clothing- a custom fit, members-and-winners only green jacket.

5. Choosing The Champions Dinner

When you’re a winner, you get to set the menu the following year for the Champions Dinner.

Dustin Johnson set the Masters Champions Dinner this year, of course, following his incredible 2020 victory.

It must be lovely to know that whatever the week has in store for you, you’ll at least have that wonderful evening eating delightful food in the company of your fellow champions.

A perk like no other.

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6. A Special Invite

We’re not talking about television invites, although you’ll certainly get those too.

No, you’ll receive an invitation to attend The Masters every year after that.

It’s why we still get to watch the likes of Fred Couples, Bernhard Langer and Sandy Lyle roll back the years at Augusta.

Perks Of Winning The Masters

Fred Couples enjoys coming back to Augusta every year having won The Masters in 1992 [Getty Images]

7. A Trip To Hawaii

Another invite, this time to Maui, where the following year the Masters champion gets to play in the Tournament of Champions, reserved only for PGA Tour winners.

8. Exemptions

Winning The Masters sets you up nicely, both in the short term and further down the line.

As well as a lifetime of Masters starts, the winner gets a five-year exemption on the PGA Tour, the US Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.

9. Honorary Membership

Not only do you receive a lifetime exemption into the tournament, you are welcomed into the club as an honorary member.

Now, surely that’s the best perk of the lot.

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