Man vs. Nature: The Alfred Dunhill Championship

Leopard Creek Country Club
(Image credit: Getty Images)

You have more than birdies to contend with in South Africa

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Dorothy isn’t the only one who needs to watch out for this season’s Alfred Dunhill Championship that starts tomorrow. Golfers not only have to worry about birdies on this course but hippos, lemurs and crocodiles as well.

The Leopard Creek Country Club in Malelane, South Africa has hosted the prestigious European Tour championship since 2004. Set on the edge of Kruger National Park, the stunning golf course is also home to many wild animals.

It’s not surprising to catch a glimpse of a leopard or impala just before teeing off. Look for Harry the Hippo in the lake adjacent to the 16th hole and the many crocodiles that lurk in Crocodile River near the par five 13th.

Take a look at some photos from the Championship in years past that capture man and nature up close and personal.

Alfred Dunhill Championship

It’s easy to get distracted when you have impala and water buck as your audience. The golfer tries his best to remain focused on his putt.

Crocodile at Dunhill Championship

See ya later alligator, looks like that ball on the 13th green is a goner.

If you had this situation would you know what to do? Our video below reveals what to do in a dangerous situation.


The Dunhill Championships Round Two

Try to identify this animal after it leaves tracks in one of the bunkers during the second round of the Dunhill Championships.


Alfred Dunhill Championships

The longer the neck, the better the view. This giraffe might have the best seat in the house as he watches from the trees.


Alfred Dunhill Championships - Round One

At any other golf course they might be flowers or leaves, but the white things in the bushes are actually birds! Gregory Bourdy of France takes a closer look at them from the 15th hole.


Alfred Dunhill Championships - Day One

Baboons run wild around the famous Leopard statue at the golf club.


Monkey at Alfred Dunhill Championship

This little monkey is planning what he would do with all that prize money.


Alfred Dunhill Championship - Day Two

The hungry, hungry hippo casually grazes as players putt out on the 13th green.


Hippo at Dunhill Championship

Spotted: Harry the Hippo snatching up players’ lost Titleists.

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