A round up of some of the most interesting things being discussed in the pre-tournament press conferences at Royal Birkdale. Justin Rose has been learning things at Wimbledon.

The 146th Open Championship is just two days away and a number of the top players have been speaking to the press about their preparation for the week and their chances for the tournament. Here’s a round-up of some of the most interesting things we’ve heard discussed. First of all – Justin Rose:

Justin Rose looks to Federer for inspiration

Justin Rose spoke about how much he learned from watching Roger Federer compete at Wimbledon last week. The Englishman was at Centre Court to see Federer win his semi final against Thomas Berdych and the final against Marin Cilic.

“Roger is the sporting athlete I look up to and can try and model. Everything he does is pretty much spot on, the way he handles himself, the grace in which he plays the sport I think is incredible” he said. “Mentally how he doesn’t give much away I think is a style that’s well suited to golf, too, I think. And that’s one of the reasons I really wanted to go to Wimbledon. I watched his semifinal and obviously the final. Yes, I’m watching the tennis, but I’m watching him more than anything, and seeing what I can pick up. There are a few tricks here and there that you can apply to golf.”

And Rose confirmed that he finds he learns a great deal from competitors in other sports.

“I’ve always found it a bit easier to learn from other sportsmen than I have from golfers,” he said. “You’re trying to beat your competition here, whereas I can be completely and impressed and awe by him because I never have to face him. It’s a much easier environment to learn, I think, when you don’t have to compete against that person.”

Justin Rose finished fourth as a 17-year-old amateur in the 1998 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale. He spoke of just how much he would love to win at the venue.

“It would be a dream to win The Open at Birkdale. Based on what happened to me here in 1998, it would mean things had come full circle.”

Justin famously holed out to the 18th green in 1998 triggering a huge ovation from the galleries. That shot has been recreated in Lego, obviously…. You can watch it below:

I had a lot of fun collaborating with the @golfchannel on this project. I can't wait for @theopen to get under way. I will always remember this shot by @justinprose99

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“When your final shot is made into a Lego scene, as it was by somebody very creative, that was the moment when you can show your children,” Rose said. “My kids are five and eight and my nephew is three. You see them watch it and see them impressed. Now it’s a Lego scene you know it was a cool achievement!”