See what a selection of players - including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson - made of their Sunday rounds in the 143rd Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club...

Tiger Woods:

– “I had two triples, two doubles, three-putts, just way too many mistakes.”

– “The fact is I was able to play a few weeks ahead of time, and I’m only getting stronger and faster, which is great.

– “I would say yes [if he was in Tom Watson’s position and could pick himself for the Ryder Cup]. But that’s my position. I’d like to win the next two tournaments I’m in. That should take care of that.”

Tom Watson:

– “If Tiger’s playing well and in good health, I’ll pick him. But the caveat to that is if he does make the FedExCup team, what do I do then? That’s not here yet.”

– “If Phil and Tiger don’t make it in the mix there, I’ve got some real thinking to do. Everybody is thinking that I’m going to pick them automatically. I can assure you that I’m not going to pick them automatically.”

Chris Wood:

– “You should have seen me the first three rounds. I couldn’t see a 75 the first three days, let alone a 65.”

Shane Lowry:

– “To shoot 65 in the final round of the major, especially when you’re looking at the top of the leaderboard, makes me feel good about myself. I know if I have a chance down the line, I can play the golf. I’m pretty pleased with myself. It was a great week, I enjoyed every minute of it.”

– “I was fuming leaving the range this morning. I didn’t hit a good shot. My last shot on the range was a low snap poke with me driver. I just said, here, give my driver to Dermot. I’m just going to play and see what happens. Thankfully I hit it a little straighter than I did on the range and managed to hole a few putts.”

– “I’m very comfortable in these surroundings. I love links golf. And I think I’m good in bad conditions. So I mean, when you come to The Open — I’m hopefully going to play another 15 or 20 Opens in my career. And when you come to an Open you don’t know what weather to expect; you might play under any conditions. I think I could do it down the line. If I give myself the chance to do it, I know I can do it on Sunday

Phil Mickelson:

– “I played about as well as I could. I didn’t score quite as well as I could, but I played about as well as I could. To win this tournament you need to not only play great golf, but you need to have a few breaks and you need to have luck and you need to have some a good deal with some other factor that you can’t control.”

– “It’s also a good motivating factor for me knowing how great it felt to win this tournament, makes me want to work harder and get ready and prepared for St. Andrews next year. I can’t think of a better site golf course to win any tournament ever on than St. Andrews. And to have The Open back is a great opportunity. And I’ll be working hard to try to get it back.”