Want to spice up your Open Championship viewing? Why not try our Open Championship drinking game

Open Championship Drinking Game

Want to spice up your Open Championship viewing? Why not try our Open Championship drinking game…

If you’re planning on watching the action unfold at St Andrews this weekend – or even on Friday, if you’re that way inclined – make things more interesting by incorporating the below into your spectating schedule.

The rules are simple: two fingers or a swig when the following things happen:


– Every time Peter Alliss goes off on one about some other course somewhere in the UK

– Every time a Ken on the Course segment is aired

– Every time you find yourself humming along to the BBC’s Open Championship theme tune

– Every time it’s mentioned that it’s Ivor Robson’s last Open

– Every time you hear ‘Old Grey Toon’, ‘Auld Lady’ or the ‘Home of Golf’ mentioned

– Every time Tommy Nakajima’s nightmare in the Road Hole bunker is discussed

– Every time Peter Alliss mispronounces someone’s name, corrects himself after calling someone the wrong name or someone does so on his behalf

– Every time Peter Alliss makes a reference to how things were in his playing days

– Every time Peter Alliss talks about how far players hit the ball these days

– Every time Tiger Woods going in no bunkers during his victory in 2000 is mentioned

– Every time Granny Clark’s Wynd is referenced

– Every time any footage of players waving or posing for a photo on the Swilcan Bridge is aired

– Every time the phrase ‘Grand Slam’ is used

–  Every time it’s mentioned that Jordan Spieth played the Old Course on his simulator at home

– Every time Old or Young Tom Morris are spoken about

– Every time someone brings up the fact Chariots of Fire was filmed on West Sands

– Every time the fact it’s Tom Watson’s last Open Championship is mentioned

– Every time the Silver Medal is mentioned

– Every time Constantina Rocca’s putt through the Valley of Sin in 1995 is mentioned

– Every time Seve’s matador-like celebration in 1984 is shown or mentioned

Extra: have another swig if you shed a tear for any of the above

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