Our man took on the challenge of rating the top 3 sellers from the Open Championship food court at Royal Troon

Man v Food – Open Championship Top Sellers

For many people travelling up to the Open Championship the main question on their mind is not “Who will win the Claret Jug” It is actually, “What shall we have for lunch?”

Well I decided to take on the challenge of wandering over to the awesome Spectator Village and trying out their three best sellers – These are my verdicts

We sample the top three best sellers in the food court!

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Fish (Mackerel) and chips

£7.65 (with 10% discount for using Mastercard)

Rating – 9/10

Absolutely awesome – a very healthy portion and delicious to boot, certainly was my favourite of the three. Only thing that let it down was that there were no mushy peas to go alongside.

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Open Burger

Open Burger

£6.30 (with 10% discount for using Mastercard)

Rating 5/10

Bit disappointed with the burger… which is a shame as I had high hopes, comes with a slice of cheese and 4 gherkins… I hate gherkins. Was a little on the dry side for my liking.

Cornish Pasty

£5.40 (with 10% discount for using Mastercard)

Rating 8/10

This was a treat, loads of nice veg and potato but with some lovely brisket like meat also within it. This would be an ideal large snack to pick up on the go and meander amongst the fairways with.

Pint of Stella Artois


Rating 10/10

There is nothing quite like a refreshing pint after a big lunch.

When Tom isn’t eating he also is part of our weekly podcast – listen to the Open preview below

Now – what’s for dinner?