Sergio Garcia features on our list of golfers with weater-related names, or nicknames in his case
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In a quiet moment, Jeremy Ellwood has a bit fun conjuring up a list of golfers with weather-related surnames from the obvious to the slightly more tenuous

Graeme Storm

We’re leading with our strongest suit - no-one meets our brief better than the 2007 French Open champion from Hartlepool…

Our most obvious candidate, Graeme Storm, sharing a joke with Sandy Lyle during the 2008 Open

Our most obvious candidate, Graeme Storm, sharing a joke with Sandy Lyle during the 2008 Open

Terry Gale

… except perhaps this seven-time European Seniors Tour winner, and one-time Western Australian cricketer.

David Frost

After plying his trade on the PGA Tour for much of his career, the wine-loving South African came in from the cold to make the European Tour his home once more just before joining the Senior Tour.

El Niño

“An abnormal warming of surface ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific” - or Sergio Garcia’s longtime nickname.

Hale Irwin

Forget the spelling – we simply couldn’t leave out the Champions Tour’s most prolific money-winner… by the odd $6.5 million still!

Bruce (or Daniel) Summer-haze

Okay, we’re starting to push the boundaries a little now, but this is a nice thought as we hit the depths of winter, isn’t it?

Sam Torrance

How fitting that the surname of one so prone to tears should conjure up images of flowing water, give or take a slight re-spelling.

Sam 'Torrents' shedding a tear with Woosie during the 2006 Ryder Cup at the K Club

Sam 'Torrents' shedding a tear with Woosie during the 2006 Ryder Cup at the K Club

John Chill-as

The Scot plied his trade on the European Seniors Tour for over a decade, picking up three titles and over a million euros along the way.

Hernan Rey

Who cares about the odd misplaced sunshine-related vowel if you can get to include the third best “total driver” from the European Tour’s 2005 stats in this list? The Argentinean last played on tour in 2008.

Santiago Luna

Luna means moon in Spanish; the moon affects the weather. We know – clutching at straws, but we’re really struggling now…

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Jeremy Ellwood
Jeremy Ellwood

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