Ivor Robson was the starter in 2014 at Gleneagles, but who will adopt the role in 2018? We take a look.

Who Is The Ryder Cup Starter?

The Ryder Cup may only come around once every two years but in one respect it is like every other tournament played in the world of golf, that is the presence of a starter. The starter sits by the first tee announcing each group, pairing or player that is about to hit off and begin their rounds.

In the case of the Ryder Cup, they will announce the pairings, who they represent, and will in all probability play a role in calming the crowd to allow the players to hit.

Held in Paris at Le Golf National for the first time, we take a look at who is going to be the starter for the 2018 event.

Who Is The Ryder Cup Starter?

The starter at the Ryder Cup is likely to be the official starter of the European Tour which was a role held by Ivor Robson for decades before his retirement in 2015. He has since been replaced by Alastair Scott for Rolex events.

Ivor Robson at the 2014 Ryder Cup (Getty Images)

Scott has been involved in a variety of sports for the majority of his life now. Starting out as a cameraman for the BBC, Scott has worked his way through the ranks for over 40 years to become an Executive Producer and Director for the Open Championship along with several other events. He has been involved with Wimbledon for over 25 years now and has gone to nearly every Olympic Games since 1980.

“I am absolutely delighted and honoured to have been offered this position by the European Tour and Rolex,” said Scott. “Down the years, Ivor’s voice became synonymous with the game of golf and his inimitable delivery is certainly missed among players as well as golf fans.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed following in his footsteps this year and I look forward to continuing my role on the first tee at some of golf’s greatest events in future. After a long career behind the camera in sport, it has truly been a privilege to meet so many talented young individuals at some of the world’s most impressive golfing venues.”

Whether Scott will be at the Ryder Cup on the first tee remains to be seen, but no doubt given the sheer size of the stand around it, there is going to be a colossal atmosphere which is sure to raise the adrenalin of each and every player.

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