Alex Narey looks at ten players to have featured only once in the Ryder Cup, and evaluates their importance to their team’s respective fortunes

In many ways, a player’s golfing legacy is rubberstamped off the back of winning a place on a Ryder Cup team. Selection – whether on merit or via a captain’s pick – affirms the mark of a golfer who has consistently been at the sharper end of tournament leaderboards throughout the year. With an automatic spot comes the required level of form, while a nod from your leader serves as the perfect confidence boost to one’s ego. Either way, selection is generally always deserved.

But getting into the team is one thing; staying there is another. For first-time Ryder Cuppers, the nervous tension can be palpable; some feed off the emotions, while others shrink under the constant pace and pressure of it all – often, those who suffer the latter may never return.

Here, we run the rule over ten players, five Europeans and five Americans, to have featured in only one Ryder Cup in the modern era. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just downright ugly. Not literally, mind…

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