Motocaddy M5 Connect Electric Trolley Review - We put the first GPS enabled, super-compact folding electric trolley to the test out on the course

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Motocaddy M5 Connect


  • Much easier to fold down and store in smaller places. Comes with a useful level of modern features, the highlight being GPS distances displayed on the handle.


  • The process of inverting the wheels is fiddly and time consuming at first.


Motocaddy M5 Connect Electric Trolley


Price as reviewed:

£599.99 (standard lithium battery. £649.99 extended lithium)

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Motocaddy M5 Connect Electric Trolley Review

Aimed At
This trolley is aimed at golfers who are short on space but also want cutting-edge features.

Key technology
The M5 Connect is the world’s only compact-folding, GPS enabled electric trolley. It features a completely new frame, wheel and battery design, combining to create an 11 per cent smaller folded footprint than its nearest competitor. The GPS functionality comes from the free Motocaddy app, which uses Bluetooth to transfer the distance information to the digital screen on the handle.

How we tested
We played a round with the M5 Connect at West Hill Golf Club.


GM Review

This process has been made much simpler, now using just two clips to go from fully erect to folded down. A further stage involves inverting (flipping) the wheels if you want to save even more space. A pop-out clip allows the trolley to stand vertically for easier storage.

Similar to the S5 Connect, golfers can measure shots and access front, middle and back distances on the handle via their smartphone, as well as text and call notifications. There’s also adjustable distance control to send your trolley off to the next tee and it has the Easilock base to connect it to a Motocaddy cart bag more easily.


The assembly process is noticeably faster and simpler than on the previous M-Series, coming down from around 10 seconds to 3-4 seconds after some practice, although the inverted wheels are a touch fiddly to switch around. It also looks much more modern once put together, boosting shelf appeal.

Especially tall and short golfers will appreciate the adjustable handle height, which is easy to tweak, while those with busy lives off the course will like the ability to stay connected to the outside world while on the course. The screen is surprisingly easy to read given its modest size and the USB charging port enables you to keep your phone topped up, although the Power Save mode on the Motocaddy GPS app means you hardly lose any juice or data during a round.

The battery is noticeably smaller and lighter, plus golfers can fold down the trolley with it still in place and even charge it in situ. It is also more powerful, which means the components inside the trolley should last longer. This all combines to make the M5 Connect as faff-free as possible while also offering a level of features to satisfy the needs of the gadget lovers.


The M5 Connect may well be the most complete electric trolley on the market. It removes the need for an additional GPS device, saves significant space at home and in the car and has enough other features to take the stress away from your round and leave you to focus on your game.