Under Armour Spieth 3 Shoe Review - We test out the latest golf shoe from Under Armour, the Spieth 3, designed with input from Jordan Spieth himself

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Under Armour Spieth 3 Shoe


  • Exceptional grip and stability that provides a solid platform from which to swing. Improved overall comfort too.


  • Additional Smart Weave sections difficult to keep clean. Limited colour options.


Under Armour Spieth 3 Shoe


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Under Armour Spieth 3 Shoe Review

I have followed Under Armour’s progression in the golf shoe market very closely over the last few years, having been given exclusive access to its first models back in 2015.

They had promise and certainly performed, but lacked a little comfort in their infancy. Unquestionably, they get better every year and the new Spieth 3 is certainly a candidate for being the brand’s best ever golf shoe.


Some people complained that the Spieth 2 was too heavy and while I never really felt that, Spieth 3 has been made 2 ounces lighter than Spieth 2 and this does put an extra spring in your step.

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Jordan Spieth himself requested a more trainer like look and feel and Spieth 3 certainly looks to have achieved that, without sacrificing the swing-specific performance Under Armour has spent a lot of time and resource researching through its work with biomechanics expert JJ Rivet.


They feel lightweight when you pick them up and when you slide them on, you notice the extra padding around the ankle, especially at the back of the shoe.

The tongue has a new triangular design which covers more of the top of the foot for a more snug, secure fit while still offering enough padding to cushion the tightened laces on top.

The styling of Spieth 2 was fairly busy and this has lessened with Spieth 3 to a degree, thanks to the additional woven jacquard sections that now extend across the midfoot and into the toe section of the upper.


This will certainly be where some of the weight saving comes from and it is also said to enhance vertical support, but I’d question its inclusion on an area of the shoe that takes a lot of the brunt when it comes to scuffs and general contact with dirt in wet conditions as historically, they have been difficult to keep clean and from experience so far, this looks to be the case with Spieth 3 although a DWR coating should help minimise this.

I welcome the updated design of the new RTS 2.0 cleat. It’s now softer and more flexible, helping it spread into the ground for extra grip while also being more durable – the RTS cleat on the outside of Spieth 2 had a tendency to bend.


What you get from Spieth 3 is great grip and stability, arguably the best in the business. By this, we mean the outsole really works into the ground when you swing, providing a strong connection and base from which you can swing with power and control.

Every detail as been covered, including the use of a firmer carbon fibre insert (black) on the outside of the heel where you need resistance, to a softer material on the inside of the midfoot (grey) that helps the shoe work into the ground through the downswing.

Walking comfort has improved thanks to the reduction in weight and plentiful padding around the ankle and underfoot – Spieth 3 offers a very pleasant user experience.

To top it all off, the shoes feature the Gore-Tex membrane, which provides piece of mind that your feet will remain dry in the rain while letting perspiration escape on warm summer days.


There’s a strong case for this being Under Armour’s best ever golf shoe and one that competes with the very best across the market. Everyone will enjoy the lightweight feel, ample surrounding comfort and the combination of excellent grip and swing support. The modern, athletic styling in a neutral, all-white colourway should also appeal to the majority of tastes but how pristine they can be kept in British conditions remains to be seen.