FootJoy Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon Shoes

Joel Tadman's verdict on the two new spikeless Pro/SL shoes from FootJoy

FootJoy Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon Shoes Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

FootJoy has taken the most popular spikeless shoe in the world and made it more comfortable, offer better grip and improved the stability, as well as offering golfers a bigger choice in terms of the performance, comfort and visuals. Whichever way you go, you won’t be disappointed, and both are well worthy of a five star rating.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Exceptional all-round performance, continuing to lead the way when it comes to spikeless grip and stability while offering plenty of walking comfort.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Carbon model makes the standard Pro/SL a little redundant. Leather does scuff a little too easily.

FootJoy Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon Shoes Review

The Pro/SL was such a popular shoe last year that if it was a brand on its own, it would be at number two in terms of UK market share...behind FootJoy. You can read about the tech here.

FootJoy Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon Shoes Review

Tour players and amateurs alike appreciated the comfort, stability and grip but improvements have been made in all these areas with the new models.

footjoy pro-sl-shoes-top-view-outdoor-web

Looking down on the Pro/SL Carbon (left) and Pro/SL

We received our pairs of Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon back in October last year and have been testing them ever since – you may have seen them appear in some of our videos.

On the standard Pro/SL, the extra perimeter stability is immediately obvious. You can feel it when you swing, but also see it thanks to the new shape of the Infinity outsole, which is more noticeable in the heel area. It is not off putting in any way – in fact, Pro/SL remains one of the best-looking shoes on the market.


The grip is excellent thanks to the extra contact points with the ground, even in wet conditions you can go after your drives with no fear of slipping or excess movement.

The Pro/SL Carbon is noticeably more rigid in all directions, ideal for golfers with overactive lower halves that need even more stability during their swing.

footjoy pro-sl-carbon-testing-web-2

That said, it still feels comfortable thanks to the extra padding around the ankle. It’s a feature that arguably could have been added to the normal Pro/SL, which does lack that soft sensation other shoes on the market offer. But this, along with the two-tone laces on the Carbon shoe, provides a point of difference and justifies the higher price point to a degree.

Given how stable Pro/SL is, there will be some golfers that don’t see the need for the Carbon model, but if you want the best of everything and price is no object the Pro/SL Carbon would seem to be the obvious choice.